A PSSD Story

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July 15, 2014 | 5 Comments


  1. ‘He said “you will get better, when you decide to get better”. ‘
    ‘She briefly looked at them, suggested my OCD could be the cause of my problems, and that I should never ever mention this problem to a doctor again. She also told me that as I had a history of mental health problems, it is unlikely that I would be taken seriously.’

    I almost had to puke after reading this. Those incapable arrogant trash calling themselves “doctors” are not less than criminals.
    I really hope the work of dr. Healy and others will get some critical mass and “doctors” like these will be one day persecuted for the terrible way they treat people who put their trust in them!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. It’s so familiar that it could have been written by me, and I am sure I’m not the only one thinking so. It makes sense to state sufferers are many times unable to realize that the flattened emotions, apathetic mood, lack of pleasure of things, sexuality related problems and the loss of cognitive sharpness can in fact be drug induced, even if the drug had been stopped literally years ago. Add the unprofessional, ignorant and egoistic attitude of most medical doctors and psychiatrists and you have a phenomenon that has been left lurking under the rag for the last 25 years without anyone playing attention to this serious problem. The state of affairs is unacceptable.

  3. Sorry to hear ur story , I’m going through a similar thing , I took citalopram for 30days and I may as well have castrated myself, it’s been 6 months since I took it, it has improved but not much , studies also say they can cause impotence and infertility . I’ve red they also lower free testosterone serum , an all round package killer, To make matters worse , Drs play the silly bollocks card and pretend they know nothing or don’t even try to take you seriously, that sort of Dr should not be in practice , I spoke to my doc about it, he said it was a confidence issue , I laughed in his face , I told him it’s blatantly obvious citaloptam was the cause, I was depressed before but my sex drive was high , but 39days of citaloptam and my entire genital area was numb and I had no desire or even thoughts about women, food didn’t taste as nice and believe it or not I didn’t feel pain the same way , this drug pretty much shits down the senses , so yea u got the depression along with EVERYTHING else!

  4. I am a woman but have experienced this myself. I took citalopram for 8 months after a near death experience left me with ptsd. It didn’t help my ptsd so I weaned myself off it. That was 4 years ago and I still have no sex drive, my orgasms are pleasureless and I don’t see the point in sex as it does nothing for me. I am married with children and it is causing a lot of problems. I was raped when I was younger so everybody just puts my lack of sex drive down to that, despite that I was fine in the intervening years and it was only when I took citalopram that it vanished. I doubt it will ever come back, and I have accepted that, and have dealt with it – it is my husband who can’t get his head around it and that is my only concern. I will never again take antidepressants. Despite being years after taking them they are on the verge of ruining my marriage.

  5. I am similar to you. I took Citalopram for 3 months at 24, 4 years later I cannot get aroused and if I get an erection it is gone within 30 seconds. I have had to take Viagra just to be able to fake being in the mood; which presents its own problems as it won’t work when you have been drinking, so I can’t take a girl home after I’ve been out with friends, and it has its own side effects like dizziness, headaches, acid reflux etc. no doctor will listen to me, they say it’s stress or a STD.

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