Antidepressants and Dental Problems

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June 6, 2021 | 8 Comments


  1. If this poison induces dental issues, imagine how the rest of the body is impacted?
    It’s all about $$$$ and the health industry is generating lots of money out of all this balderdash.
    It’s dishonest, dirty and ruthless business.
    These poisons are unsafe for human consumption.

  2. This is an abuse of peoples trust. It is no different to a breach of fiduciary duty. It is no different to some siblings who help themselves to finances when their parents are sick and frail. Instead of benefiting their parents, they help themselves. The health establishment is no different. This is beyond sick!

  3. since seroxat I have to have the non adrenaline injection at the dentist, dentist made a mistake one time and I was like off into another world and he put an oxygen machine on my finger and kept talking to me saying dont close your eyes, it did pass but was not nice. Never had this before seroxat. Also I have a problem with fillings now and had a tooth out and the nerve still plays up now and then.

    • I think he probably put a pulse oximeter on your finger which has a perfusion index reading. You can get an objective indication of an anesthetic working by watching the PI. It’s to do with peripheral vasodilation that occurs in response to sedation. I’m going to look at that a bit after I take my sleeping supplements I forgot I owned a pulse oximeter but I remembered it just now when I was thinking about anesthetics. I would prefer a continuous PI data log but my watch only records my ecg and sleeping data. My watch has SpO2 but no PI to measure that I must put my stand alone pulse oximeter on my finger it only cost £20.

  4. I believe my teeth have shown accelerated deterioration, it is difficult for me to be precise about this. A few years back I needed multiple fillings in my back teeth. My dentist made a comment that I needed to try harder with brushing my teeth and I had gum issues he was quite shocked. I was at my local dentist at Bush Fair, I was given the local anesthetic injections in my gums but I couldn’t sit still in the chair. I was sent off to a dentist in Romford where they took x-rays and then I had to attend 3 separate appointments where I was given a general anesthetic before the work was done. That is a few years ago now I know my teeth have shown further crumbling but I don’t like to look in my mouth. I’ve had success at DIY reparation using DenTek Tekparin Max. I have a feeling I will be sent to the Romford dentist again if I turn up at my local practice again it is right next door to the place where my GP hangs out. I might have more success sitting still in the chair now I have been taking supplements, however the weather is getting very hot and after just a short walk out in the Sun hyperhidrosis tends to wear me down. I am not sure how best to proceed, my teeth need work but withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to complete the exercise. Dentists don’t understand this stuff anymore than GPs, given the situation I have a tendency to resort to my own dental care efforts. I don’t have access to the best tools to be doing my own dental work, I have alot of tools and fishing equipment in my front shed which includes artery forceps and pliers but I have a hunch a dentist has much better equipment than I have.

  5. Aware that fillings last perhaps a year only, then fall out. Careful (self) dental hygiene does not appear to protect.

    Multiple phone calls to try to arrange urgent dental care; eventually successful today. Spoke to compassionate and caring dental nurse: – hence eventual success.

    Extensive on-line health questionnaire stressful for loved one, comprehensively drug-wrecked by unnecessary ADs and multiple psychotropic drugs for misdiagnosed akathisia/ADRs.

    At least they ask if patients are taking bisphosphonates now. Suggest: Dental Profession not aware of the prescription drug induced dental wreckage under discussion here.

  6. A few years ago, I visited a local dentist for a filling and oral hygiene appointment.
    Charged like a wounded bull : (
    The filling only lasted a couple of months and was redone.
    The second time it was redone, I was charged dental benefits only. It ended coming out again. Sadly, incisal filling repairs never last!
    Did not bother to get it repaired!
    It seems like tertiary dentin had formed where application of filling had been unsuccessful ~ I got lucky! (Did not have to find a dentist to replace it- Phew!
    They applied fluoride with an applicator to every tooth.
    Tasted like poison and it made all my teeth very sensitive for three months.
    The poisonous taste remained in my mouth for quite a while.
    Noticed the enamel of my maxillary and mandibular incisal edges had become thin and translucent.
    Never had fluoride applied like that to my teeth!
    I wonder if BIG PHARMA are making products to ruin peoples teeth just to generate $$$$ for business or whether the fluoride was spent? ~ I will never be seeing that dentist again!
    I’m fortunate I can scale and clean my own teeth however, for people who don’t have the tools, knowledge or products ~ I really feel for them!
    Some dentist still hand out antibiotics for old infections and I wonder if they really know what they are doing?
    Periapical or bitewing x-rays, sadly do not give a full snap shot of underlying dental issues of the entire mouth. A Mandibular tori, calcium deposit, bacterial infection or oral cancer can be be misdiagnosed as some dental condition.
    How many times have I seen virgin teeth being unnecessarily extracted?

  7. I have also witnessed so many teeth undergoing unnecessary treatment, all for the love of money.
    Teeth with fine hairlike fractures, that could of been saved and were extracted. I cannot believe how the industry still allows this systemic abuse to occur?
    Is it all about saving teeth or generating money?
    Sometimes, when a tooth is beyond repair and badly diseased, people have no choice however, sometimes people have a choice and if they have no knowledge, they can easily be ‘hoodwinked!’
    Case study:
    This poor lady, presented with diseased pulp of molar tooth, abscess on apex of roots and in addition to this had a fine hairline # on the mid-line of the buccal surface (?).
    The tooth was not mobile and had no existing restoration. The tooth was unblemished apart from a diseased pulp. They informed her furcation was involved (?).
    To the naked eye and on the x-ray, there was no evidence of this occurring.
    They told this poor lady that the tooth needed to be extracted because there was no way it could be saved. Are you for real?
    The poor lady was ingesting furosemide.
    From my knowledge and understanding of this wretched medication, teeth cannot be extracted because cancer can evolve in the bone of the mandible and maxilla.
    We had to do everything to save that tooth. The patient had no choice despite professionals saying, otherwise.
    That tooth was saved.
    They had the first treatment to remove the infection and the necessary medicine was applied however, due to root canals being calcified, it was pointless making this poor patient pay for root canal treatment and having a crown put on top of the tooth after root canal treatment. If this process was undertaken, through many years of experience, that poor tooth would eventually be extracted due to weak root structures and tooth eventually failing. Not to mention other nasties that can occur with root canal treatment. I will not go there!
    The tooth was saved and everything was done to minimally not impact that tooth or cause further harm to that patients life.
    Which makes me wonder??????
    How many Doctors kill because of medication and procedures, putting many lives at RXISK?
    How many deaths are due to medical negligence, just like a virgin tooth undergoing unnecessary extraction?
    Sadly, we will never know the truth!

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