Better Times Will Return

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January 4, 2018 | 26 Comments


  1. It wants to! RE “better times will return”. The last 10 years have been a living hell trapped in a body that cant experience sexual pleasure or desire. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that “better times will return” and that the PSSD will eventually go away.

    • Spruce, please show the image to all and sundry – the more interest we have ,the more is the likelihood of getting an astounding price for this work of art. The artist has done her bit, I’ve done what I can – now it’s up to all blog readers to do their bit. The one offer we have to date is nowhere near that person’s maximum offer. The only way to maximise this possibility of a very high price here is by finding those who adore the charm of Josie’s work – they are out there aplenty. They merely need a nudge in the direction of the Rxisk Prize Fund by means of having the chance of owning an original piece of work from an artist who has faced “adverse events” in her own life but is now flying in a well-deserved successful career. Despite her success, she is still mindful of the needs of others – be they humans or other sections of the animal kingdom and their environment. Bearing all this in mind, I felt that she fitted the bill exactly as someone whose work would be sympathetic to our needs here – and it most certainly does!

  2. PLEASE NOTE – a new local offer has just been received for the art piece. It is £300 which is 407 dollars. Looking forward to more emails coming in now! Thanks to all of you who may well be spreading the word about this piece already.

  3. Although I am not in financial position to make an offer, I would like to say to the artist that her splendid textile Better Times Will Return will grace the highest bidder’s wall with beauty and hope and bolster the brilliant RxISK prize at the same time.

  4. Linda – comments are extremely welcome from anyone. The present ‘highest offer’ has gone way beyond my wildest dreams – that does NOT mean that I wouldn’t like to see even higher offers of course! Words of encouragement mean a lot – to me, as well as, I’m sure, to Josie. I shall make sure that she is made aware of your comment Linda. Closing date for bids is ONE WEEK away – January 18th.

  5. Mary. I will mention it to as many people as i can. I really hope it gets a high final offer. Anything that aides in finding a cure or raising awareness about PSSD is very worthwhile in my opinion. Great artwork too.

    • Thanks Spruce. I agree that the artwork is stunning. In fact, all who have seen it – actually ‘seen it’ and not just seen the photo – have commented that Josie has really pulled out all the stops for this one. The Welsh idiom (commonly used in Welsh) gave rise to the picture – and they marry so well together; the meaning fits our aims here, so, all in all, everything fits together nicely. I have to admit that when I picked it up from Josie I was so taken aback that I felt that I could never part with it. I secretly yearned for ‘no bids’ – but that was not to be! – and neither was it the purpose of the commission in the first place. Interesting to note that all bids have come from Welsh speakers with no connection to Rxisk. Therefore, Newsletter readers, we now await YOUR offers.

  6. Jan.12…

    Risk Prize is 4 months old and is already dead.
    At this pace it will take more than 10 years to gather the money.
    Big Pharma is selling TENS of THOUSANDS of MILLIONS of dollars every year of antidepressants. If a cure for PSSD could be found they would sell even more antidepressants.
    In 10 years, thousands will kill themselves because of antidepressants, and millions will be chemically castrated…
    It’s a really sad world we live in when we take the red pill…

    Hey D! Tell Prof. Healy to make a 90 minutes documentary on PSSD. It will be much more usefull and honest than a prize impossible to reach.

    Have a nice year. Make an effort to be a more honest person. There’s a lack of it in the world.

    • Daryl

      Long before twitter and facebook, medicine and people in general were reluctant to face up to drug wrecks. I think this is a matter of psychodynamics rather than conspiracy.


  7. Hey guys, just want to check in and say that I am seeing some brilliant emotional and sexual improvements almost 4 years post SSRIs.

    I got PSSD in the Spring of 2014 and I was very emotionally dull and basically sexless for what seemed like forever.

    I felt as if I had no hope of ever returning to a normal, pre PSSD state, but I am now.
    Thank God. Personally, I believe in and follow Jesus but I’m not here to try to convert anyone.

    I was on a very high dose and I cold turkeyed. It’s been years later, but I’m getting better. If it can happen for me, it can happen for anyone. I thought that I was a hopeless case. I suppose everyone going through it feels like that. Your mind is a very powerful thing.

    There is hope. I also spoke to a few people who have recovered from PSSD years later. And 2 doctors who dealt with people who have overcome it. It’s possible. No one is hopeless. No one. Please never give up. The human body and brain are much stronger than SSRIs.

    Please dont despair.

    Also, please remember that a lot of people who overcame PSSD dont post about it. I wasnt going to, as I basically almost forgot to.

    God bless

      • Hi David.

        Honestly, I prayed and prayed. I know, a lot of people will dismiss that but it’s the truth.

        I truly hope that you all get better soon, too

        God bless

        • Lauren, I for one will most certainly NOT dismiss your claim as I, also, but for a very different reason, truly believe in the power of prayer/ personal healing etc.
          It’s another of those things that, unless you’ve personally experienced a near ‘miracle’ directly from the power of prayer, is very difficult to accept or believe.
          I’m sure that you, Lauren, feel, as I do, that there are powers in unseen things but that
          does not mean that we dismiss any other intervention which may support individuals to the same extent. It’s a case of doing what YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH isn’t it.
          I know that using the phrase ‘ mind over matter’ rattles many – but the truth is that ‘miracles’ CAN happen even in these ‘modern’ times. Many will probably say that your problem would have cleared up anyway – that it was a COINCIDENCE that the use of prayer seemed to work. Well, maybe it was – who are we to question things beyond our understanding, to the point of dismissal of the proof as given by you? It hardly matters HOW it has happened – we should rejoice in the fact that it HAS!
          No-one knows the cause of these problems in the first place – therefore no-one should dismiss anyone’s explanation of how their individual healing has happened.
          We are not saying that it’s a ‘one size fits all’ solution – only that we need to understand that complicated matters may well need a whole range of ideas thrown into the mix. Thank you Lauren for being so honest about your healing – it isn’t easy in these modern times to stand up and state that you believe in the ‘unseen’. I’m sure we all wish you the very best of health now.

          • Hi Mary,

            Thanks for your reply. Prayer really does work 🙂
            Having said this, atheists/agnostics have been known to recover too, whether it be with the help of exercise and healthy eating, or a case of the damage reversing itself over time.

            Either way, I believe that everyone can be cured. There are no hopeless cases. Even those who have been off all meds for several years, sometimes more, can heal.

            And yes, the mind is so powerful! Have you ever heard about the shark and the fish tank? Well, I’m not so good at explaining things so here’s an article:

            God bless everyone, I hope all is well with ye soon

    • Hi Lauren. You mention you are making stronger progress with PSSD at 4 years post SSRI, and you feel your PSSD is resolving. That is great news, and I hope things continue to improve for you.

      I have a few questions about how your PSSD started to improve, if you don’t mind me asking.

      I have had small improvements in the last few years where things improve for a while, and then the small improvements vanish again, and my genitals go very numb, and my libido is non existent etc. Can I ask is this how it was for you? I.e you had small improvements that then vanished, and then eventually came back again? Also did the smaller improvements slowly get stronger over time until you noticed they weren’t so small anymore, and now you were having bigger improvements etc?



    Only TWO days left now – THURSDAY will see the end of bidding for the ‘daw eto haul ar fryn’ textile art piece.
    Things seem to have reached a full stop – at £350.
    Please check under you mattresses, in your socks drawer, in that long-forgotten bank account or anywhere else where you may have stashed your cash at some point………just incase you can come up with A FANTASTIC OFFER which will take us all by surprise.
    Please bear in mind that, whoever places the highest bid – the amount will show for THEIR country on the graph, not on mine…….but, as things stand at the moment, Wales is laughing all the way!

  9. I’m very pleased to announce that the bidding has now reached £400. Keep at it – one more day to go! Thanks everybody

  10. Just a quick message to inform everyone that the bidding for the textile art piece has now ended. The winning bid was £400 (554 US dollars). The winning bidder is from North Wales.
    Many thanks to everyone who took an interest in this sale – either by making offers, sending encouraging comments or merely adoring the small picture at the top. Your adoration would be doubled if only you could see it in all its glory, in real life!
    The thanks for that goes to Josie. Thanks for being so willing to take my suggestions and create such an astounding piece of work. I hope that you feel overjoyed by the amount of the winning bid – as I do.
    The bids have been overwhelming – I had expected steps of a few pounds at a time; it hadn’t even entered my head that it might go into the hundreds!
    Thanks also to David for being willing to put it on here for the full two weeks – you can now have your site back David!
    To finish, I just hope that the saying ‘daw eto haul ar fryn’ comes true very, very soon for all who are quietly suffering as they await a breakthrough in dealing with these horrid problems.

  11. Taking up Lauren and Mary’s point on prayer, and not dismissing the power of it for a second, could it be that the mind is more amazingly in control of the body than we can possibly imagine. If we really deep down believe in the power of a greater benevolent force than any evil that could befall us, could it be that our cells feel it or feel our optimism, and self heal? This belief thing isn’t something we can manufacture, so it would be entirely wrong to imply that because a cancer sufferer or drug damaged person doesn’t bounce back to good health, it’s their fault for not believing. It’s much more complex than that. I can only say that several times in my life when in a dire situation health wise, I’ve had to trust in this ‘power for good’ because there was nothing else left. Once was when I broke my neck in a car crash and the situation was so ghastly that all I could do was trust and believe. The outcome was so good eventually, after major surgery etc, that instead of being left quadriplegic, which I had been told was inevitable, I walked out of the hospital 3 weeks later, albeit very slowly, and over 4 years got all my feeling back. The houseman doctor told me it had been a miracle. But I didn’t like to say to him, for fear of derision, that I had lain in the bed, visualising the healing of my neck, as I stared up at the while ceiling tiles, unable to move, all day long, and when I couldn’t sleep at night. I felt if I had nothing else, I could at least trust in the power of my mind. And in the protection of the Universe/God/angels/whatever. That’s not to discount the brilliant work of the neuro-surgeon, but even he had warned that the outcome was pretty bleak.
    So, after this and various other examples, I totally agree with Mary and Lauren, and that’s why I feel sure the work DH is enabling with the RxISK prize etc will bear fruit, even though against tremendous human odds, because the aim is purely good, for all mankind.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with you Heather, about the power of the mind etc. Where the power of prayer seems to differ is that the person who recovers does not necessarily have to be the one who prays. In the incident that strengthened my belief, the patient was in a deep induced coma at the time. Medical opinion was that getting him out of that state was going to be one almighty struggle. That was late on a Saturday night. His sister put the situation out on Facebook and asked all to pray for him; prayers were also offered for his recovery at the church service on the Sunday morning. By noon, the patient was out of the coma and the ICU staff were speechless!
    Of course, there could be many explanations for the sudden recovery – but if it suits me better to believe, that we are all in a ‘plan’ and that such ‘miracles’ can take place, than to doubt absolutely everything that doesn’t have a logical explanation, then that is what I will do – as I find it far less stressful to do so than to dismiss the unexplainable!

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