Better to Die RxISKing It

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December 15, 2014 | 8 Comments


  1. Interesting perspective. Some medications might be valid but some need to be banned. Would you continue on with medications that have been proven to be unsafe? There is example after example of drugs that have been rushed and pushed through clinical trials in the U.S. only to find the drug unsafe, yet it takes sometimes years to get off the market. The industry is corrupt. I do not like the medical model. Doctors being trained by pharma-backed med schools, reading pharma-backed professional magazines, being romanced by pharmaceutical reps making me too drugs for obscene profit (Dr. Marcia Angell). I am but a lay person but I know more about Cymbalta than most M.D.s because I lost a family member to this vile drug. I administrate a group on Facebook with over 700 Cymbalta victims and survivors where chilling stories are shared. The death, long term physical injury, divorce, lives destroyed by this drug goes beyond the pale. You can keep the corrupt medical model and I will continue working with people like Dr. and Ginger Breggin, Ann Blake Tracy, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Chemist, Shane Ellison and others. Besides the brain, gut, liver, etc. damage these have all been proven to be no better than placebo (yet a lot more dangerous). I respectfully disagree, some drugs need to be banned and most of them are the psychotropic kind.

    • Toni

      Thanks for this. Please read Better to Die RxISKing it (Part 2) which will run tomorrow or Friday. The bottom line is this – whatever we people say they believe, the key thing is what people in fact do and RxISK is all about getting people to do something – to wake up from the 50 year slumber that PharMaleficent has put them in and say Wait a minute, this drug has caused this and this etc

      On this score it would be wonderful if you could get some or all of your 700 to file RxISK reports on the problems Cymbalta has caused them. The Night of the Living Cymbalta RxISK story we have has attracted a huge amount of comment and will feature in a legal case I am currently involved in that might offer a vehicle for you and others to get a message about this and related drugs to a wider world


      • Thank you for your response. I will post your statement in the group and see what goes. Best wishes on success with your efforts.

  2. When you are correct, as you are, 100 percent correct, but are overwhelmingly outnumbered by people who are wrong – people do not care enough about it to self-correct; then the prospects for winning are extremely small.

    The situation is analogous to being a real Christian in this modern world where secular Leftism is almost totally dominant – even/ especially among the leadership in the major Western churches.

    The answer is analogous too – the real Christian nowadays necessarily focuses on saving individual souls (one at a time) rather than ‘converting the nation’; and real doctors/ psychiatrists likewise need to focus on ‘saving’ individual patients (one at a time) however and wherever they can – since they cannot beat the forces massed against them.

    (Note: the Roman Catholic problems you describe came *after* the Leftist ‘reforms’ of Vatican II, overwhelmingly among the advocates of Vatican II, and were covered up by the dominant ‘liberals’ of the church. Furthermore, those mass media journalists who have exposed (and also misled and lied about) the paedophilia, did so while concealing the overwhelming sexual orientation of the abusers. Thus, what was objectively an indictment of theological and sexual revolution has been spun by the mass media as an indictment of ‘traditional’ religion. I say this as someone neither a past nor present Roman Catholic, nor a Roman Catholic apologist – these are just the facts.)

  3. You appear to be indicating that 99% of people trust their doctors and their advice. Is there any evidential basis for such a high number? The only review I’ve seen is reported as follows.

    “reported in the Oct. 23 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine:,
    Overall, 58 percent of Americans agreed with the statement: “All things considered, doctors [in your country] can be trusted.”
    That compared with three-quarters or more of the populations in countries including Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France.”

    And I suspect going down further. Health stores now sell far more vits and herbs than they used to, Shoving Goetzche’s book in my 87-yrs mother’s face appears to have eventually liberated her from the notion that the doctors are her friends. Yes, the professions are more ‘policed’ than ever, but the public isn’t. And a system built on people being terrorised into lying has its fragilities. One nurse got obviously nervous when the subject of whether I’d have a vaccine came up (required to get a honorary res fell certification). And in a chat at local hospital, an nhs receptionist said under her breath “Have you considered homeopathy”…!

  4. I wish you well in your quest to save medicine. As for me, having lost my precious child to Zyprexa, seen horrible end-of-life care given to people close to me, and having lived through a long, naive, yet heartfelt period of trying to “save medicine” in my own way, I have sympathy for your goal yet no energy for it. While I am happy to donate to “The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care” (which includes being able to designate the donation to -which I did), I have enthusiasm for alternatives to Western medicine( which has stolen so many of our loved ones away under the guise of “helping”). Shunning prescription drug ads by not watching television is just one of the many strategies I must employ to keep my own mental health intact and feel that I have something to offer both those that I love and the world at large. When one lives with the knowledge of the continuing slaughter of innocents, watching while the medical profession in general “goes along to get along”, and while the media, the academy, and governments permit themselves to be bought by BigPharma, plus having suffered such a devastating personal loss, one must navigate the shoals of despair in a careful way. Shunning Western medicine and exploring alternatives to it gives a sense of power back that was completely taken away.

    That said, my surviving child is alive thanks to penicillin. Though she is deaf as a result, she is leading a kind and brilliant life. So I know there is a place for Western medicine in certain circumstances. However, I must leave any reform that can be achieved in it to others.

  5. The pharmaceutical companies are so horribly corrupt and get away with it because of all the money backing them. I took an SSRI (fluvoxamine) and now have permanent sexual dysfunction. I cant wait until I pass the bar so that i can represent all of the PSSD victims in a class action lawsuit, of course as soon as I do I know that I will wound up dead from some mysterious circumstance.

  6. Erin Brockovich- Inspiring Movie

    This movie always inspires me.
    Her determination and sheer perseverance, are a living testimony that anyone can achieve especially, when they don’t give up.
    Her passion was to help people who had become severely ill by making those who had done wrong, pay for their mistakes.
    A ‘greedy’ water company, was not following protocol.
    Through their NEGLIGENCE, the locals drinking water, had become contaminated.
    She was going to get down to the bottom of what was happening and make that water company accountable.
    That water company was scre*ed when Erin came on the scene.
    She had to have proof and evidence that the water company was doing the wrong thing.

    What if there was a similar twist to that story and someone exposed greedy drug companies by bringing the dead forward, as proof and evidence.
    That would be the first in history where someone’s experience speaks for the dead.
    As far as I am concerned, if someone harms someone, that individual or individuals should be held accountable.
    Big pharma, may have the upper hand at first, however, it takes a ‘little ordinary person’ to expose their ‘dirty little secrets!’
    If you think you can bury something, think twice.
    You have all made a BIG MISTAKE by messing with someone who knows the workings of your secretive dirty games.
    Mastering how corrupt organizations work, is an art in itself.
    You are not as ‘squeaky clean’ as you think you are!
    Just when you thought, NO ONE would ever make the connection, some one, who you underestimated, put the pieces together.
    The law may have protected you but not for long!
    Moral of the story:
    Never underestimate the power of a little person.
    They will make sure that corruption is exposed and make your day a living nightmare.
    Just like you made mine, a LIVING NIGHTMARE!
    For the sake of all the innocent people who have died or been maimed, it is better to save face and come forward now.
    It is not about the money.
    It is about what you have done to each and every individual.
    It is about their lives, their families and the quality of life, they will never truly have.
    There is a common thread going on here.
    It is not coincidental when innocent people die from cerebral aneurysm, coronary thrombosis or some other sinister death.
    Those ‘poison of a python’ pills that are ‘deemed safe’ are killing innocent people.
    What if big pharma are manufacturing random flawed batches?
    I know, because it happened to my husband and I.
    It is not coincidental and it is not coincidental when it happens to others.
    It is not something that just happens!
    Omission of information = FRAUD
    We also have to be concerned about the food and water we drink.
    Also the products we consume.
    It impacts every one and everyone should be concerned.

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