Collateral Damage

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October 29, 2012 | 3 Comments


  1. IMO the content of this article needs to be widely read and taken very seriously. In the light of current news headlines here in the UK concerning child abuse I think “good old days” should be in inverted commas even though the intended meaning is clear from the context.

  2. Thank goodness that we have physicians like David Healy on the scene who listen, observe and interpret what is happening without the heavy filter of self-interest that seems to pervade the institutions that are supposed to be guarding us and our children from harm. Acknowledgement from this corner does a lot to restore one’s faith that the situation can be righted.

  3. This is absolutely true. Drugs can be beneficial, but are being marketed way beyond their uses
    GSK had to pay an incredible $3 billion fine for illegally marketing anti-depressants to kids –
    – and it’s no accident, it’s because the big drug companies need new drugs and new markets and they aggressively promote the uses of a drug well beyond evidence of its benefit. They have concerning amount of influence over the diagnosis process, lobbying doctors, psychiatrists, and even the APA (who publish the DSM manual of psychiatric disorders/symptoms)

    All of this is very bad news for the mental health of children – in my view the last thing you want to do with any child is give them a long-term course of a strong psychoactive drug. Absolutely last resort, if ever.

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