Drugs and Smell: Smells of SHIT

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June 22, 2015 | 19 Comments


  1. With Chantix and Oxymetazoline I assume you are talking about Visene-eye drops??? Does Anosmia go away when you stop using the drug??? Chantix seems to be implicated in many terrible side effects. Each time I Come on RISK it seems a New one pops up. What about Anosmia and The research or lack there of dying prematurely?? Does Anosmia change the way people perceive memories and perhaps contribute to Affective disorders????

  2. I’ve never had any problem eating enough (just the opposite) but can see how it could become a real struggle if your food suddenly tasted like sewage! Just how serious this can get, especially for elderly people, was pointed out in an article I ran across by a GP in New Zealand:


    “Many medications affect taste, smell, or salivation, and lead patients to change their patterns of food or fluid intake. The elderly are particularly affected on account of higher rates of polypharmacy and underlying frailty. Some affected patients consume fewer calories, resulting in nutritional deficiencies and weight loss. Others try to compensate by masking symptoms with additional fluids or by using added salt or sugar. Predictably, these changes can lead to polyuria, incontinence, or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions such as hypertension. Less predictably, changes like these contribute to complex geriatric syndromes and can result in abrupt functional decline.”

    In other words, a fairly healthy, active person in their eighties could start spiraling down towards the nursing home before they and their doctor realized what was going on. The author explains how she did not spot the problem until her patient took a nasty fall, and started explaining how it happened …

  3. I have been taking champix for around 10 weeks (this time round). I have a terrible burning smell, which is made worse when my nose is completely empty, i.e the entire contents has been blown out. This is worsened by the smell of burning candles or any freshener. Reading around this seems to happen to a large portion of people. I find if i keep my nose bunged up, it seems to be fine. I know myself that NRT will not work and since I don’t want to keep smoking this seems to be the only way forward. Has anyone come across a method of combating this ?

    • I have been taking Chantix (Champix in the US) for about five weeks and have the same thing. Mine is like an old burned food smell.
      I have not discovered any way to mitigate it but am hopeful that it will go away when I am off of it.

  4. I’m having a side affect from doxycycline and I’m sad to say it. I am now having very bad body Oder even after showering three times a day won’t go away. I’m a 24 year old woman with a six year old child who is very active in dance and Girl Scouts we are always on the move. I have no way to mask my smell I have even stopped sleeping in bed with her father and sleep on the sofa out of shame.

    • Hi. I do hope you have returned to your marriage bed and the shame has dissipated. And even better yet your issue! But try and remember we are our own worst critics. And beauty comes from within. And if you don’t feel beautiful bc if how you feel you smell or a blemish, or what the scale says, then trick yourself into believing it. Fake it until you make it girl! I’m sure you have tried a multitude of things. But I know for me, when going thru chemo I smelled horrific. It was excreting thru my pores. Add my chemical cocktails for seizure medicines and radiation. Boom you have a gross smelling lady! Which is quite sad bc I was sort of known for my signature scent. I had a lover tell me I stain the atmosphere. Haha so with my grief and my Shame, I set off to try any and everything. What I found helped was regulating my pH. I took all of them. Tagament and alka seltzer seemed to do the trick. Just sort of added it to my medicinal wardrobe and it got better. I still can’t smell like I used too tho. I have found menopause is wreaking havoc on my nasal capabilities. I have worn the same perfume since 1996 and now it smells like Body Odor to me. So I’m on the hunt for my new signature scent.

      And remember your partner loved you and pheromones are an incredible thing.

      “You can’t say no to Hope,
      You can’t say no to Happiness.”


  5. I smell a strong musty odor that makes my eyes tear up. It has an ammonia like hit to it.
    I can not find the cause.
    My wife and friends do not smell it at all.
    I smell it on and off all day. Mostly at home. But occasionally away from home.

  6. Recently finished 2 week course of keflex, now I am smelling a sweet, burning, chemical smell. It sort of causes a cough, and slight headache.
    Could keflex have caused it?

  7. I had sinus surgery and had my turbinates trimmed when I was 29 or 30. I lost my senses of taste and smell (for the most part) shortly thereafter. My tastebuds seem to react to extremes like salty and sweet, other than that, everything tastes blah or bitter. Its put me off of many foods, and I tend to eat a lot of popcorn, lol. The salt on the popcorn keeps me satisfied. Smell is a real loss. Most things smell like wet dog or something rotting (cooking meat always smells like its off!). I also am very paranoid about possible body odor, and the possibility of having my home smell, and not being able to recognize it.

  8. I lost my senses of smell and taste as I recovered from COVID-19. After several weeks they were both returning, and I thought all was well. Suddenly, I constantly smell a sweet, burning foul odor. It never goes away and gets worse when I’m confronted with other strong scents like coffee, fresh cut grass, etc. Even a breeze blowing on my face makes it worse. I only have a few foods I can tolerate. Everything else tastes just like the foul smell. I normally spend hours each day cooking and baking. Now I can hardly stand to be in my kitchen. This is taking a toll on my entire life. I’m currently waiting for an appointment with my primary physician, but after all I’ve read about this condition, I’m not feeling very hopeful.

    • Dear Laura,

      My daughter is experiencing the exact same symptoms. Can you tell me what has happened since you last posted. She is very depressed.


    • My daughter and I are having the same issue as your experiencing after coated we lost our taste and smell as well. And when it returned it was different it has turned normal smells into a sweet, foul, metallic-like, if you will, smell to things. its things like brewed coffee, garlic, onion being cooked, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol any and all soaps, sprays-aerosol sprays, etc. It is extremely depressing because I love to cook with garlic and onion in my food.. My daughter cannot stand the taste of cooked onion anymore as well as the smell luckily for me I can still eat everything OK without disgust. Just praying this returns to normal.

        • This happened to me too ! Saw an ENT whom said I now have polyps and need my terbinates grinded down bc they are swollen. I go next week to get a CT of my brain but this is what a CT of my sinuses read . This was all after covid and then losing smell fors weeks gaining it back a few days and then nothing but fowl odors ….horrible !

          • Same. Lost taste and smell for 5-7 days with COVID. Taste returned 100%, smell about 75%. Just this week (after 6 weeks being healed) I started to smell cigarette smoke everywhere. I’ve never smoked and find the odor quite traumatizing. I’m putting STRONG essential oils like rosemary, clove, and peppermint right up to my nose and sometimes they mask the nasty cigarette smell, sometimes they don’t. It’s freaking me out a bit.

  9. Intranasal zinc products, decongestant nose sprays, and certain oral drugs, such as nifedipine and phenothiazines, are examples of drugs that may cause permanent loss of smell.

  10. Hi there. 🙂
    Can someone please explain what the ‘PRR’ column in the tables is in reference to? (I’ve already scanned and scanned this article for that info, I promise.)
    Grateful for this data and the stories; I have come off Pregabalin this summer (off of it for roughly 5 weeks now) and normal smells are amplified, distorted, repulsive and overwhelming (to the detriment of my family life, my appetite, overall quality of life, etc).
    Also went off Sertraline two months ago, although I don’t recall this happening with going off that.)
    Please tell me it gets better! Thanks and God bless. 🙏🏻

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