Everything You Want to Know about Sex *

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February 1, 2023 | 8 Comments


  1. My forecast is sadly that in 5 years and 10 years nothing has been solved, since not everything can be cured.

    Even finding causing factors is difficult and efforts are erratic (I intentionally say FACTORS because the drugs are most likely just one piece in the puzzle, that can have variable pieces to cause same outcomes)

    The best lead to VALIDATE is neuropathy, but it seems that all efforts are chaotic regarding that too.

    Over confident psychotic home scientists come up with new theories like always before, and the clueless poor people go into a hype about them, until nothing happens and the theory and its maker disappears.

    Regarding warning about the risks and informed consent there is no change and l dont see it coming. The EMA label is a vague mention and doctors say nothing about it.

    New cases flow in as always before.

    I am afraid my prediction will hold true in 5, 10 and any number of years.

  2. Well we are lucky to have large reddit group, looking into a 99k Diabetes group i just found 2 weak evidences of sexual problems :



    I did not contacted them to make sure they didn’t taken any AD before. Seems like it’s way harder to find people having sexual issues along Diabetics. It’s known Metformin affect sex but not nearly as strong as AD’s do in my opinion.

  3. I think you should consider my theory of isotretinoin forcing cells to divide extremly fast causing aging like side effects. This is supported by the fact that i got my wisdom teeth at 14 ( which is when i took roaccutane) and also my growth plates on my knee fused around the same time.
    Also the typical side effect of roaccutane worsening acne at first can also be explained by this.

    • There is a lot to agree with on this. Isotretinoin may be a little more severe than SSRIs and finasteride in this respect. Just as thalidomide is.

      But we need to establish what the roots of the problem are rather than look at the worst cases where the damage is far more extensive


  4. There is a call to action, but where can we submit our findings? I do know a dermatologist who I can speak to about this.

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