Studies Underway

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Many people get in touch asking us about cognitive, endocrine, treatment or other studies that are underway.

We have a PSSD Literature page, which lists academic publications we are aware of, and a PSSD Media page which lists articles about the enduring sexual dysfunctions in the broader media.

There is nothing at present we know of that lists studies currently underway. It would likely be helpful for people to know what is happening and very helpful for us if anyone becomes away of studies on PSSD and related conditions that are happening.

Studies underway

We know of no studies underway on PRSD – following isotretinoin or other retinoids.

The Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation invested heavily in several large scale studies, which are reported on their website.

Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD)

  1. Professor Roberto Melcangi has been the single most prolific researcher in this area and many of his papers are also listed on the PFS Foundation website. His previous PSSD studies are on our PSSD Literature page, and his research into the condition is ongoing.
  2. Luisa Guerrini and colleagues in Milan are working on establishing the effects of SSRIs, isotretinoin and finasteride on p63 and related transcription factors. An initial paper is being written at the moment.
  3. Waljit Dhillo and colleagues working on kisspeptin have met with RxISK and PSSD-UK to explore whether there are areas of common interest. See kisspeptin page.
  4. Irwin Goldstein is one of the most active researchers on all sexual dysfunctions. Irwin’s website lists ongoing work.
  5. The diagnostic criteria paper lists almost all the authors we know of working on PSSD. They are all open to being contacted about possible ongoing work.

Post-finasteride syndrome (PFS)

  1. Two ongoing studies, one by Irwin Goldstein and one by Roberto Melcangi are in press. These are listed under “Building on Baylor” in the 2022 PFS Foundation Annual Address.
  2. The dominant thinking on PFS to date has focussed on neurosteroids and the PFS Foundation are hopeful that drugs working in this area, being researched as possible antidepressants – brexanolone and zuranolone – may be useful for PFS.
  3. There is a further PFS epigenetic study being run from Kiel in Germany.

Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD)

  1. Caroline Pukall of Queens University, Kingston Ontario, is one of the most active researchers on PGAD. She has many ongoing studies on all aspects of this condition which is the mirror image of PSSD and other enduring dysfunctions.
  2. Irwin Goldstein is also working actively in this area.