How Do SSRIs (and other medications) Cause Violence and why don’t people spot the connection?

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October 28, 2015 | 15 Comments


  1. I think the concept which has harmed us physically and mentally is the term, invented by Pharma, Anti-depressant.

    Anti-depressant is firmly stamped on the mind of most prescribers which says what it is Anti-depressant.

    Then we have Selective Serotonin ReUptake Inhibitors.

    This is science territory now as Pharmaceuticals Companies employ Scientists.

    Two coup concepts totally acceptable to those whose job it is to write a Prescription.

    As an Anecdote we have learned differently that all is not as it seems.

    I was telling doctors until I was blue in the face, my behaviour became psychotic, I couldn’t believe highly educated doctors were becoming insulting, and, all this from the Coup of A-D and SSRI.

    Rxisk has educated us, as ingesters, but, how much further could it go?

    We can’t take books, reports, articles with us into our surgeries and hospitals and educate those people in charge in our welfare.

    Who is going to educate them for us?

    I think the most necessary part of the problem is to describe fully and briefly the myth of SSRI and how Serotonin appears to be the lost leader.

    It is obvious that starting, stopping, restarting, prescribers ridiculous habitual methods of bad withdrawal techniques needs to be imbedded in every physicians head and this is not happening, it is getting worse with more a-ds prescribed than ever before.

    There is a sick, sinking feeling that before we know it, every person on the planet will be on a psychotropic drug of some sort as it seems to be going that way.

    I agree with Julie and her article, how do we dismantle this Spin Machine which plays havoc with our nervous systems and our every day place in society.

    It is shockingly unfair that those we trust have closed minds to even learn where this came from and why these chemicals produce violent reactions when those trusted treat them as if they were average everyday teabags.

    There is no Government Body remotely interested in Mind Games from Pharma, and, we are very lucky that we can come here and maybe not find the answers, but, at least have some understanding of why we ended up in the positions we did.

    It shouldn’t be like this, but it is, and, put on the spot by doctors, and, they get away it, daily, has become a terrifying reality.

    What do others think about Anecdotes?

    • Annie it is so interesting, I had a long talk with a friend today (whose ex-husband turned into a monster when he was prescribed Paxil and she had to leave him) about why doctors do not see the clear evidence of what these drugs can do. We decided that it was probably because suicides get attributed to the depression, violence reactions are rare enough that physicians do not make the connection, and for the huge number of people whose spouses and loved ones suffer, the doctors never see and hear their point of view. The docs hear only from the people who no longer give a damn about their loved ones. There are just so many layers of problems, with these meds. Julie

  2. The point is really well taken that psych meds “are often initially prescribed for minor and usually transient emotional experiences, not illnesses at all.” That probably accounts for the majority of prescriptions these days. However, these drugs are also given to people with psychoses and other serious conditions that can mess with your ability to interpret reality. What then? When violence or bizarre and upsetting behavior occurs in those already prone to delusions and paranoia, is it the meds or is it the illness?

    I still think a big part of the answer is the medications – especially the neuroleptics used for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. There have probably always been a small number of cases in which people with acute psychoses do violent things. However, the drugs, which cause so many people to feel slowed-down and passive, can also cause unbearable agitation in a minority—and not such a small minority. Not to mention that over-reliance on the drugs to “cure” psychosis has probably made the treatment experience more coercive and traumatic, not less.

    David Healy’s research on hospital records from 100 years ago indicates that suicide is MUCH more common among people with schizophrenia today than it was then, even after analyzing records carefully to include only people who would be called “schizophrenic” by today’s standards. Is the same thing true of irrational aggression against others? It would certainly make sense.

    It’s not just schizophrenia at issue. Last week the New York Times carried an op-ed piece by Andrew Solomon worrying that in the wake of the Sandy Hook and Oregon shootings, people with autism were being stigmatized as violent. (Solomon is a writer who has struggled with depression himself, and is a frequent spokesperson for the mental health establishment.) Both young shooters had histories of mental-health treatment for problems that sounded vaguely like autism spectrum disorders.

    This is a stereotype that didn’t exist twenty years ago: the violent young autistic man. Why should it surface now, when so many more young people are getting treatment due to greater “awareness” of the illness? Solomon is right to protest. Sadly, though, his answer was simply to refocus the search for psychiatric solutions on a much more poorly understood diagnosis: Psychopathy. He urged an intensive hunt for “biomarkers” that would let us screen for it and intervene at earlier ages …

    • You have hit on the crux of the crisis: these drugs are given to people with psychoses and other serious conditions and from that point on, any and all deterioration gets attributed to the worsening of the original problem. Nobody ever asks why worsening is so commonplace if these drugs are so great, but I have noticed that in hundreds and hundreds of news articles the folks in charge seem to miss what should be an obvious question: Since things got so much worse after the drugs were given, why isn’t anybody curious about the role of the drugs? Don’t they see? (No, they do not.)
      We now know from the work of Harrow and others that people who are prone to psychosis enjoy better emotional and cognitive recovery in the long run without meds. We also know that neuroleptics cause horrific neurological, metabolic, and other physical damage which strangely has escaped any FDA boxed warning requirements.
      Perhaps observing the effect that neuroleptics have on people in crisis from psychosis leads doctors to conclude that they are effective (of course in some circumstances, their effecrs can be useful). However, apart from the risk of akathisia, we know that “anti-psychotics” do not eliminate odd thoughts or replace them with constructive reactions, they just make people more passive and quiet. Consequently, the more important question than: “Is it the meds or is it the illness?” is “Why are we offering treatments that cause more harm than good instead of looking for effective alternatives”?

  3. Agree with you 100%, Annie.
    Anecdotes are conveniently used to deny the truth.
    Unfortunately, it is about ‘profits before people’.
    It seems like everyone is on some kind of medicine today.
    Are we the last ‘drug free’ species standing?
    When I try to educate people, they are either shocked or in denial about what these medicines can induce.
    I say, this will be one of History’s worst mistakes, to have ever come up with these dubious medicines.
    Nothing is pure anymore.
    It is all tainted.
    Sad that the media is unable to state the TRUTH when a tragedy happens.
    What is happening to the human race?
    The average person would not have a clue about what we are on about.
    This website, somehow, needs to reach out to people before they go on the meds.
    This ‘culture of pill popping’ is becoming unfortunately, increasingly popular. Like some kind of fad.
    Like Rory commented: ‘They hand them out like smarties’- A systemic problem which will eventually lead to regret.

  4. I think the pills especially antidepressants for most often temporary illnesses end up causing people much more harm in the long run resulting in worst mental health problems. I was tricked into the serotonin imbalance theory a decade ago given seroxat and it has destroyed me physically and mentally over 3 years off I doubt I will ever fully recover and be who I was before taking this so called medicine. I was a young vulnerable 20 year old trusted my doctor who told me it was completely safe non addictive etc
    Whithout sounding like a conspiracy nut job I truly believe some pharmacutical companies know the deadly and irreversible effects off these drugs and by making people unwell they are creating life long patients who will need more drugs to treat the adverse effects off the first with more being added etc
    Its corruption at the highest level to help them rake in billions with no concern for the people maimed or killed as long as the money keeps rolling in.
    What makes me laugh is the medical profession psychiatrists gps cpns etc are trained to believe these drugs are highly effective and there helping people treating them with these toxins.
    So what hope have vulnerable people got if the medical professionals dispensing these neurotoxic life destroying poisons like smarties actually believe there doing the right thing ? Bob and no hope springs to mind
    Most gps psychiatrists would look at you as if you we’re a raving basket case if you tried to explain to them what the drugs have done to you once you’ve been damaged by them giving them more evidence in there mind to prescribe you more drugs.
    I take my hat off to Dr David Healy and the others that run this site to help people but I think a lot off people reach this site to late once there harmed by these drugs looking for answers for what’s hapened to them.
    I don’t think until mainstream medicine accepts that these drugs are not as safe as there portrayed and the so called pill to treat every ill mentality is abolished I think the proper treatment off the mentally ill has a long way to go.
    I’m not totally anti medication for people severely mentally distressed but the bottom line is pills make the powers that be millions and therapy alternative treatments don’t it’s a sad state off affairs that is damaging the most vulnerable people’s lives.
    NHS Mental healthcare in most of the uk at present is a joke I worked in it for years people have to wait months for help often given a limit off 5 therapy sessions under the so called therapy for you. Most people are palmed off with a prescription for drugs to treat them and keep them quiet. The amount off people I know on these ssris now is truly worrying I know some family’s that there all on them mum dad grandma son daughter and there all longtermers it’s truly worrying.

    • I hope that you are wrong and that you do fully recover, and it is wrong that you had to go through what you did. I too wonder how the pharma execs avoid knowing but I have come to believe that they just live in denial about what the drugs really do. They probably have all got sucked into believing their own marketing messages and actually accept that the drugs help most people and that only a very rare minority are seriously harmed.

  5. Anecdotes are disregarded because it is not used as crucial evidence towards ‘out of character behaviour’.
    In the near future, I believe that people from all walks of life, will make the connection.
    Unfortunately, like Karl mentioned, people only come to this website when it is too late.
    One day, big pharma will have to include our stories as part of their negative clinical data trials.
    The fact that the information is suppressed, is a real ‘travesty of justice’.
    Do not ever believe, that our experiences are in vain.
    The common thread of reoccurring themes and patterns, will be the missing information Big Pharma has deleted.
    Do not fear.
    Hope is within our reach.
    Those who do wrong, will eventually be held accountable.
    It is only a matter of time…………………………………..

  6. SSRI’s and other medicines, in my opinion are no different to alcohol or other recreational drugs, They somehow impact the part of the brain that makes people lose: all control of conformity. The ‘out of control’ behaviour, such as violence, would never be attributed by medicines because of the following:

    A) Doctors, psychologists, other professions and patients have been ‘programmed’ to believe that these medicines would never induce these kinds of behavioural issues because this kind of information is omitted???

    B) whatever your doctor says, has to be true.

    C) If the government endorses it, it’s definitely going to be good.

    D) How can big organisations such drug corporations be sly enough to sell things that are bad for you, or why would they ever conceal information?

    E) Some of these drugs have been around for a very long time. They have to be good if they survived the test of time.

    F) Very good organisations such as Beyond blue and lifeline indorse some of these drugs. They have to be good.

    G) Forums and the media always promote the positive effects of these drugs, and never mention the side-effects/ adverse reactions or deaths.

    H) If the truth about these medicines is revealed, how on earth are Big Pharma and doctors ever going to make money?

    I) Big corporations don’t want the TRUTH to come out OR ELSE it will effect their PROFITS

    Awareness of these drugs and the impact of these medicines, starts off slowly. Once there is a re-occurring theme and pattern which emerges from ingesting these medicines, people start to make the connection. It took a long time for people to understand that smoking causes cancer. These medicines are no different. If it is not debated or discussed through the media, how can people make the connection.

  7. I totaly agree with what you said Carla only in hindsight now off Seroxat I can now see how my behaviour and actions changed for the worst while taking it doing things i wouldnt have done etc at the time I was completely unaware off it while on the drug.

    • I think that one of the most dangerous things about the drugs is that most of the time, people are unable to see how dramatically they have changed, while they are on the drug. It is really scary. My friend who lost her husband to Paxil (Seroxat) says that after he started taking the drug (for something minor) he lost all his motivation (and his job) started to gamble and use drugs and became abusive, and he started blaming her for everything that was wrong. But he never accepted that the drug had anything to do with completely changing his personality.

  8. I still see this site as a lifeline for many in trouble after stopping these drugs and not knowing what the hell has happened to them. It enables them to find answers to whats hapened to them which they almost definitely wouldn’t get if they spoke to there prescriber physician etc that put them in this predicament. I know if I had seen this site before being given Seroxat or another ssri and read other peoples horror storys about these drugs I would have avoided them like the plague.

  9. I believe there are a lot of loved ones suffering out there, as a result of ingesting these ‘poisons’.
    When are all the lies going to STOP!
    When someone does something that is out of character, we have to STOP and think WHY this is happening?
    If an individual is of ‘sound moral character’ and suddenly commits an act of suicide, murder or some other sinister incident, we always have to ask ourselves:
    ‘Was the individual in question, on any medicines or drugs?’
    I don’t take anything I hear/read or see as gospel.
    I always think outside the box.
    Just recently, there was an interview regarding Robin Williams (comedian) death.
    Apparently, he had depression and was ingesting antidepressants.
    This is what they initially informed the populace about.
    Now, they are saying his death was also a result of him having the early onset of dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
    Could the medicines in question also have contributed to the onset of these diseases????
    They know the TRUTH but refuse to highlight the TRUTH.
    Only those who have experienced what these antidepressants can induce, will understand the connection.
    They not only induce violence but can also induce a whole array of medical problems- cognitive impairment : (

  10. Wow. I didn’t realize how common this reaction was. My doctor put me on an SSRI for anxiety related to chronic back pain and within a week or two, I could tell that something wasn’t right. I started spending a lot of time thinking of ways to kill people. It was actually scary to me how my mind went so dark and violent in such a short time. Within just a few weeks, I was spending 90% of my time plotting against people I didn’t even know. After about 2 months, I couldn’t do it anymore. I was scaring myself and my husband. Now I have a red flag alert in my medical chart for SSRI’s. I never heard anything about homicidal thoughts or tendencies as one of the side effects, so this article actually helped me understand it a little better.

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