I Took Antidepressants and I Still Feel Medicated

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June 18, 2017 | 5 Comments


  1. I went from 5 years on Paroxetine and then straight onto Citalopram and still suffered side effects of Paroxetine one year on. I then went onto Mirtazapine two months after coming off Citalopram and still suffered the Citalopram side effects for a year after that. I think the brain takes at least a year to adjust, these drugs damage the brain in some way and it takes time for the brain to heal itself afterwards. This is my personnel experiences and I was always told “Oh no cant be the medication the withdrawal only lasts a few weeks”. Not true at all. I am now medication free since the end of 2016 but still suffering after six months for the first time of being medication free in 17 years. I suffer ever day Paranoia and Anxiety the worst but I will beat it and come out better for it I know.

  2. I feel victimized. I feel lied to. I feel like a lab rat. No one ever told me this could happen, or I would have stopped these drugs back in 2010 when I had the chance.

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  3. That story is so similar to mine…
    But as a victim of ssri i’m more interested in solution than another pssd story…
    I saved two people from taking that poison and they are doing well now…no anxiety, no depression…haha everything has gone since i told to them my story, but NO ONE wants to help me….
    In fact there is nothing that can be done….

  4. I am 2 years, 4 months post-SSRIs – 16 years worth of SSRIs: Paxil for 4 years beginning at age 18; Celexa for 10.5 years; Zoloft for 10 months (had to stop because of severe weight loss/diarrhea; withdrawal triggered suicidality); Buspar (a different type of serotonergic agent) for 5 weeks (had to stop because of blood sugar problems and dissociation); Luvox for 4-5 months.

    I am not the same. Don’t ever expect “full recovery” for myself. Ongoing food sensitivities; cyclothymia; emotional numbing; petit mal seizures; feelings of unreality and paranoia.

    SSRIs are prescription poison. They *correct* nothing.

  5. Do. Not. Take. Psychiatric. Drugs.
    Just don’t.
    If you do, I promise you a lifetime in Hell, studded with desperate regrets.

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