Prescription-drug-induced violence medicine’s best kept secret?

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November 12, 2012 | 5 Comments


  1. This is a great tool! I think it will be especially useful to people who find themselves in trouble with the law as a result of sudden aggressive actions they themselves don’t understand. And their lawyers as well.

    I have been trying it out on Cymbalta, a drug that’s caused a lot of this kind of trouble. One thing I noticed: the FDA’s two dream-categories of “abnormal dreams” and “nightmares” don’t make it onto the Violence checklist. There’s a related problem that people have been reporting to the Cymbalta Withdrawal board: sleep-related violence or aggression. People thrash around, punch and kick in their sleep (probably in response to nightmares) and some report they’ve attacked a spouse or partner. I don’t find a place for this, and don’t know how it would be coded.

    I was also unsure if the Violence Zone is supposed to include suicide and self-harm. Or will this be a separate zone? There is no section for suicidal acts on the Cymbalta Violence checklist, but I know there have been many.

    Finally, I’d vote for a Cardiac Zone to join the list at some point. There seem to be a lot of drugs out there that can cause tachycardia or change your cardiac rhythm — and people need to know right away, when they feel these symptoms, whether the drug is responsible.


  2. It is stated, once again, in my medical records, I had tachycardia a few months down the line from Seroxat withdrawal. I went to see a heart specialist, she said, I cannot give you pills for your tachycardia because you overdosed (from Seroxat withdrawal) and I am very afraid you will ‘overdose’ on your heart pill…………………………….
    Have a heart……………………???lassie………………………..

  3. My brother took Cymbalta and it turned him into a monster. He was dillusional, paranoid, and turned violent. HE SNAPPED< KILLING HIS WIFE without even remembering what had happened. He's now serving 60+ years in INDOC. He was NEVER a violent or aggressive person before Cymbalta. Nobody even saw him as a mean or agreesive type person. He never even got into fights before that. (Age 47). He claims this is all CYMBALTA's fault and he cannot get help from anyone to stand up for him to agree that this drug and others like this can cause violence. Can ANYONE help him ?? PLEASE HELP HIM !!

    • I don’t know how much help I can give other than to say that my friend/employee stabbed his mother to death and I am in shock. This person was a really friendly laid back guy, docile. I trusted him. He was on some psychotropic drug and it gave him diabetes and he won a lawsuit because of the side affects. Now I found out he became violent enough to murder.

  4. My X-wife began taking cymbalta for fibromyalgia. Within one week her agression level was unstoppable, especially when she drank alcohol. The night we separated she came home enraged and drank a full bottle of wine.
    She began to break our crystal glasses by throwing them into the kitchen sink. After breaking several hundred dollars worth she threw one past my head but missed. She then came from the back side of the kitchen island and attacked me. She grabbed me by the testicles and ruptured the To get her off of my I slapped her to the floor. She called our children and told them I attacked her. I told them to get her out of the house and keep her away from me. I tried to get her to take a polygraph but she refused. I filed for divorce. My testicle has stopped functioning and had atrophied.
    I connect her actions to cymbalta due to the uncharacteristic rage.

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