RxISK asks: Are prescription drugs to blame for school shootings?

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January 30, 2013 | 6 Comments


  1. Thank you for your website! I am very grateful for lay persons to be able to easily see the truth about what is happening with drugs we take and for a way for people to record what is happening in our experience with various drugs. I am particularly grateful for the work on psychotropic drugs and the violence in our world. Thank you, again.

  2. My very intelligent, loving, sensitive grandson was put on Concerto for ADHD. I did not see any signs of ADHD when he stayed me for 3 weeks in the summer for many years. Nor did his grandfather and my other children. I have experience as the oldest of 13, mother of 7, foster mother to more than 60 children and a babysitter. I argued with his parents and paternal grandmother to no avail. This boy had many questions, interests in science, religion, etc. I felt he was gifted and his needs were not being met. His dosage was increased to 60 mg a day. When I saw him he was a zombie, developed hand and facial tics, developed rages, lost his appetite and had hallucinations. He told me he was afraid of the meds and wanted to live with me. His parents refused our request that he live with his grandfather and me. He is now 16 and on weed, heroine, and using inhalants. He was found unconscious 4x after using inhalants. He is now in a drug rehab, court ordered.
    As a foster mother I had a boy whose mother had him on Ritalin. While he was in my home he did not take this drug. He was a normal boy!
    Thank you for this website! I needed to say this. My heart in broken!

  3. I’m not convinced that 90% Of school shooters in north america and europe where being treated with a psychiatric medication at the time of the shooting. Does somebody have a citation to the reaserch to prove this point? Does anybody have emprical evidence to back this up? If this is false then this is highly irreposible fear mongering, ad quite frankly is shameful. Please, sombody send me some evidence to back up this claim to alex.d.a.scott@gmail.com and I will happily look into it.

  4. Instead of taking a scientific approach to this question, as has Dr. Healy, let’s instead rely on good, old-fashioned emotion and hysteria. (Whoops, that’s already being done by the media, any grieving parent they can traumatize with a foot-long lens, Big Pharma, the left-wing in government, etc.) I.e., let’s do what the organized protesters are doing today (02-17-2018), and circle the wagons around the NRA’s headquarters, demanding the banning of the AR-15 “assault” rifle (which it isn’t). Then, if the next murderer uses a 9mm handgun, we can ban that, too, etc., etc. The one kicker that clears the air for me is Kirstie Alley, last year, when everybody got after her for essentially saying what Dr. Healy has herein proffered. But she came back at her detractors by pointing out that NO school shootings ever occurred before the 1980s. By coincidence, I guess, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), under a brand name, were approved by the FDA in 1987. But, hey, guns are so much more fun to go after, aren’t they? Karl Marx would have. In fact, Adolf Hitler did.

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