Skin and Drugs and Sex

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October 25, 2018 | 6 Comments


  1. Hello, Dr. Healy! Good that you reminded me. In fact, I would not recommend trazodone, as well as other drugs, because trazodone can cause priapism, and this is very serious. After trazodone, I actually returned to normal sleep, and premature ejaculation didn’t seem to bother me either, but something like varicose veins of the sexual organ appeared, and even after the cancellation, it still remains to some extent, which I really don’t like. The doctor told me that this was due to the fact that I drank it in a large dosage, and that it was necessary to drink no more than 1/3 pills a day and for a long time, at least for several months.
    As for bupropion, instead of improving from 3 weeks of taking it, I went through female-type obesity, up to gynecomastia, and my hair also continues to fall out, so I did not drink it anymore and tested for hormones, since obviously an obvious hormonal disorder developed , and from bupropion even more aggravated. I haven’t received the test results yet, but as for the recommendations, I can’t say about Mirtazapin, because after 5 days of admission I no longer have any sweat, and I quit it, fearing that new problems will be added.
    Essentially I want to say the following:
    1) according to the hormonal system, you wrote that testosterone can be reduced with PSSD, but this does not play a special role, since with its normalization nothing improves. But why did you not write anything about other hormones, primarily about prolactin? moreover, that the symptoms of hyperprolactinemia, especially in women, almost completely coincide with the symptoms of PSSD, because SSRIs cause hyperprolactinemia with a high probability. In addition, there is still free testosterone, and it is also important, although I don’t know exactly which one, but maybe this should also be taken into account. and there is still the SHBG protein, which blocks the effects of sex hormones even at high levels. Maybe SSRIs can enhance this SHBG? The following are very important hormones of the thyroid gland, they are also associated with prolactin and may suffer from antidepressants, their violation has a strong effect, including on libido. For example, I saw a message on the forum of a person who suffered from PSSD for a long time, and then wrote that after the normalization of thyroid hormones it became much better, I don’t know if he finally cured all this, but didn’t write on the forum anymore. Further, there is a hormone cortisol, the increase of which can greatly inhibit libido, so its research is also important, the same can be said about somatotropic hormone. Maybe you already know all this, but it was not said about it, so you can also pay attention to all this.
    2) as for the PSSD itself – it seems to me, most likely, this is a problem of violation not of the serotonin or dopamine system, but of the other system of the brain and the CNS – cholinergic. Why is everything weakened or lost — emotions, attraction, feelings, sensations? I think because the transmission of nerve impulses is blocked or weakened. And the cholinergic system is responsible for the transmission of a nerve impulse (although serotonin is also a inhibitory neurotransmitter). Do antidepressants have pronounced anticholinergic effects, including disorders of libido and ejaculation, dilated pupils, dry mouth, etc., and if many of these symptoms occur at the same time?
    Officially, libido and emotions seem to have disappeared from stress, and antidepressants cause stress to the body, especially stimulating ones like Prozac. that is, from excessive stress so as not to burn the brain, the body has turned off factors that provoke the central nervous system, such as libido and emotions. and therefore it is necessary to get rid of anxiety by taking a long dose in small doses of drugs, and then everything will be normal. I am skeptical of such an explanation, but it is also not without meaning.

  2. Alex makes an interesting statement here about the antcholinergic effects of SSRIs. The late Dr Bob Davies, psychiatrist based at Taunton, Devon, produced research on the anticholinergic effects of organo-phosphates in sheep dip, which were rendering some sheep farmers weak, with memory loss, nerve damage, prone to sudden mood swings, and many died by suicide. They often started their downward spiral with ‘sheep dippers’ flu’ which lasted about three weeks, just after dipping (usually in July to avoid fly strike for the sheep) and then as they got worse, the other sensory problems began to manifest, very similar to those described here by Alex. The Countess of Mar, a Peer, a sheep farmer herself, and affected by the dip, crossed swords with Wessley over these effects, because they were so similar to army personnel suffering CFS after their tents had been sprayed with organophosphate in the Gulf War. She felt there were common demonstrable traits, causing serious illness. In the end, these chemicals WERE removed from sheep dip, after a long fight. Dr Bob Davies’ research was meticulous and he was assisted by Goran Jamal. Their research was sidelined and they were not taken seriously, GJ’s reputation undermined, but even so, the ingredients of the dip were eventually changed. Bob Davies said the addition of antidepressants made the sheep farmers’ illness worse.

    It would be interesting to know therefore whether antidepressants contain the same chemicals that were used to create mustard gas, organophosphate and to create chemotherapy drugs, which I understand do act on the cholinergic system?

  3. Sorry, forgot to stress that organophosphate was absorbed through the SKIN, ( this post started with skin effects). Dippers did not drink the dip, and were supposed to wear rubber aprons and protective clothing, but it was inevitable that their faces would get splashed. One farmer we know did actually get into the dip to rescue a drowning sheep, and has suffered depression, physical fibromyalgia-type pain, burning soles of feet, insomnia, and stomach pain ever since, for many years. Farmers tend to make light of their ailments, having chosen a physically challenging life, and they reckon they are pretty hardy. But that chemical rendered many of them weak and helpless, unable to think or reason, almost in some cases appearing drunk, vague, distant. Many have died by suicide, which was suggested was caused by the loneliness of their job….

  4. And in addition, there is information on the Internet that antidepressants block the passage of nerve impulses. And as for abnormal erection, when the head is poorly erect, this is also a consequence of a violation of the passage of a nerve impulse, and not blood circulation or something else. That is, much indicates precisely the problem of the passage of a nerve impulse.

  5. Dr Healy, could you forward this question to the person who had e. histolytica:

    What type of stool test did you get that gave you a false negative result? Did you get the same test twice, or was it a different one that gave you a positive result? Most PCR-based stool tests today are highly accurate, but given the uniqueness of our condition, I’m interested in hearing your specific experience.

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