Leader with a Mandate to Eliminate Contagion

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February 4, 2022 | 11 Comments


  1. Brain Harris sleazy disgraced psychiatrist and deacon of his church sexually abused young men in his (doubly) loving care for decades before being found guilty in court . It was known he was a predator .He was the medical director . He was known to be more than ‘eccentric’ Brian used to say a prayer after lectures to the stony faces of attendees and preach in his office to young men he abused.
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights UK
    >Real Life Stories
    How psychiatric ‘care’ turned to psychiatric betrayal
    Post published:13th November 2019
    Post category:Real Life Stories
    In 1991, Martin Robson was competing in a water-skiing competition and had an accident, resulting in a severe brain injury.
    Martin, before the accident and before spending 19 years taking lithium
    After spending a month in hospital, the first 11 days of that in a coma, he was discharged. The neurologists and doctors who treated him knew that his brain injury would cause certain known cognitive problems, but that most of these would heal over time.
    Martin began to frequently experience anger and agitation. Prior to his accident he was a calm and composed person. His GP advised him to undergo 12 days of psychiatric evaluation to which he agreed.

    The evaluation was conducted by a Dr. Brian Harris – a now disgraced psychiatrist who in 2017 was found to be secretly continuing to practice psychiatry despite being suspended under suspicion of sexual molestation of male patients.

    Harris ignored the information from the neurologists and doctors who had treated Martin. He instead pursued a diagnosis based on data from consultations that had taken place with Martin’s father. Ten years earlier, Harris had treated Martin’s father for depression. Using data from that time, he proceeded to diagnose Martin with congenital mental illness which he ‘caught’ from his father. He ignored the information that Martin had brain injuries which would heal over time, insisting Martin had a mental illness that existed prior to his accident.

    Based on his opinion, Harris put Martin on heavy doses of the psychiatric drug Lithium – a drug he would remain on for the next 19 years. Martin later described it as a ‘brain zapping drug’ which permanently changed his personality for the worse.

    In 1993, Martin then received a physical examination from Harris. It was highly unusual as Harris got Martin to undress for the examination. He proceeded to touch Martin all over, effectively sexually molesting him. It was revealed years later that this was not an isolated case when Harris was charged with 13 counts of sexual assault of male patients.

    Between 1991 and 2010, Martin saw a number of psychiatrists and psychologists, each with a very different opinion about his mental state.

    The accident was life-changing. Martin says his recovery was significantly impeded by Harris’ misdiagnosis and mistreatment. He has spent much of his adult life experiencing the severe side effects of Lithium, which several other doctors have since stated was unnecessary.

    Finally, in 2010, Martin saw a neuropsychiatrist who said he was not suffering from any psychiatric or neuropsychiatric illness. Martin managed to get off of Lithium realising that the drug, with its long list of side effects, was interfering with his recovery. Despite the debilitating psychiatric drugs and despite being the victim of a sexual predator, Martin’s personal strength has seen him regain control of his life without psychiatric meddling.

    Martin says, “I lost 19 years of my life on Lithium and many more with my brain adjusting to being off lithium.”

    We thank Martin for having the courage to share his experiences with us.

    Juandegales25 JUL 2021 REPLY
    I started work in Whitchurch hospital in 1972, Brian Harris was already well known to have a fondness for young men and there was a unwritten policy not to leave him alone with any patient. Numerous incidents occurred over the years but consultants in those years were almost untouchable, he wriggled out of all the claims of abuse and malpractice, until of course 2017.
    How did he get away with it for 40 years when we all knew about it? I guess his status as a consultant.

      • The enquiry is more organisational self protective blah ,What led to it was that people were using the net and could no longer be silenced. I and others were reporting abuse and giving evidence of how rife it was with first hand evidence from people who reported to unofficial suupport groups such as the ones I helped set up .decades before this report came out . A chair of ethics at coll of psychs declared there was very little abuse going on and his friend /colleague psych, herself the subject of a successful complaint (not re sexual abuse)took over the main group we had set up as some of the group thought her contacts in the college would be useful. The group dealt with abuse mainly by psychiatrists-psychotherapists She changed the whole purpose of exposing what was going on and being covered up by emphasing the psychology of the psychs was disfunctional – they needed ‘help’ That was in the form of therapy whereby they needed to almost confess their sins. She was a also a preacher. Some refused to take part (they were obliged to pay for it) It was provided by the group she and a friend was enabled to set up privately by the college to ‘treat’ those with psychs with ‘personality disorders’ and disfunctional personalities – mainly focussed on how they worked in teams with colleagues. It became massively different from the purpose of the group once the coll of psychs network became involved. Considering anybody can legally call themselves a therapist and that therapy and other psych organisations police themselves with their own codes of ethics, complaints procedures and including the reports which the authors of the Cambridge one admit are rarely read in full (and therefore cannot be taken seriously or implemented reliably) it will take more than these reports written periodically (this one 2018) to protect the abused rather than the organisations which have ignored or covered it up it for many decades.

  2. The is nothing in this that can be checked.
    What paper is this from?
    From what publication or source did Ratzinger’s comments in the text come from?

  3. I do not know which one is worse:
    Drug induced psychosis or mind induced hypnosis?
    Any kind of abuse is abhorrent.
    I don’t want to elaborate any further with the Covid-19 vaccines however, many people are hypnotized to the point that this is their holy sacrament to save them from death.
    This mass control is not only abusive but devoid of anyone seeking the truth from mass media misinformation.
    What if this virus ends up being the cousin of the common cold?
    Big Pharma, some clinicians, some politicians and any other stake holders involved are all part of this mass congregation of misinformation and delinquent mind control.
    What are people really dying from?
    Not all people who have caught Covid-19 have died from the virus?
    Like the abusers from all walks of life, having control over their victims, this mind control over the masses is viewed as a form of protection guaranteed to protect you from death.
    Why are we not really being told the truth about what is going on?
    For those who have had their first or second dose of Covid-19 vaccine and suffer from a severe adverse vaccine reaction or sadly pass away, is it true that they are reported as unvaxxed?
    If this is occurring, I would consider the whole establishment unethical and immoral.
    Censoring and downplaying the TRUTH is contemptuous and a form of perjury in a court of LAW.
    The perpetrators who are getting away with this kind of dishonest reporting/documentation, should be bought to the attention of the masses so that this kind of abuse can come to the forefront.
    Right now, I am quite repulsed how CENSORING is occurring on a very large scale because we THE PEOPLE are allowing this to happen. There are consequences if we question authorities or policies.
    If information is not based on TRUE facts people go along with the mind control that has been programmed into their hardwire since this Covid-19 evolved.
    We have been lied to by all the stakeholders concerned.
    We are paying the price for misinformation and being programmed to believe that the ‘blockbuster covid-19’ vaccine is going to save us from this killer virus.
    At times, I am perplexed how fear gets the best of people and reasoning, common sense and logic are no longer part of the human thought process.
    To throw the baby out with the bath water is what we have done with this pandemic due to the fear that is imposed over the masses.
    We believe what the stakeholders are telling us.
    We will do anything to protect ourselves from imminent death.
    We have been programmed to believe that it is for the greater good of all.
    Yet, we are all social distancing, wearing face masks and being subjected to policies that are not congruent with real science, although many have had the double vaccine mandates.
    Now we are being informed that even after having the double vaccine mandates you can still be a silent carrier of the virus and transmit it to the most vulnerable.
    ATAGI have stated that if you have not had the booster, you are not fully vaccinated. How many vaccines does one have to have before they are considered ‘bullet poof’ from this virus?
    I’m still caught up in this vortex of complete madness and wonder if the unvaccinated are the safest people to be around.
    What if the narrative were to change and all the abusers who have put our trust in hocus-pocus were exposed?
    This sound more like SQUID games to me!

    • @Annon
      Its good to get it all off one’s chest like that.

      Try this and using your analogy.
      Step by step, move towards the centre of this metaphorical vortex (however you are imagining it within your instinctive senses). You will sense if your going in the right direction, for this metaphorical wind blows against one’s being less forcibly (I’m using the word ‘being’ in its full ontological sense) as one moves inwards. The air is still and calm at the centre. From that position, the outer madness going on all around has less damaging influence upon one’s ability to think clearly.

      Here are some priorities off the top of my head as a guide to get there:
      1) Take full responsibility for your own health (physical and mental).
      Starting with not doing anything which may harm your body. For if you lose heath, you won’t be in the best position to help others.

      2) Look after and care for others and support those who are of like minds to yourself.
      For the primate homo sapien is a social animal by nature and can achieve much when their like-minds work together. So get back into contact with people that you haven’t seen for a while. Let them know that they are not alone in thinking and wondering what you’re thinking and wondering. In doing so you’ll all gain strength.

      3) Give priority to 1 & 2 before expending effort in trying to correct other peoples thinking, who in turn are trying to correct yours. It is more productive of time to devote time to those that are openly questioning, receptive and keen to share views with you.

      4) Strive to be virtuous.

      5) Give priority to 1,2,3 &4 before using what time is left for understand the full picture. A feature of the primate homo sapien is their ability to divide the activities required for survival into occupations, which as individuals they become skilled and efficient at performing. By these different occupations, coming together and cooperating within a just and fair system of governance, they can build very complex societies (historians call them civilisations.) No troupe of monkeys has so far, been able to put a robot on the planet Mars so I suppose homo s. can be forgiven for thinking they are somehow special. However, no single Homo s. can fully understand the many facets of civilization in which he lives, no more than he can build a complete interplanetary rocket single handed.
      That is my long winded way of saying: By all means make the effort to become more knowledgeable but don’t allow oneself to get frustrated in the process. It can make one’s head spin. Search out information but avoid news and other information etc that is directed at you. One can be very useful just using one’s own field of expertise to assist others of like-minds. As to taking active opposing action — well that’s another topic in itself, for it depends on individual circumstances.

      To now go off on a tangent. Even YT broadcaster Alex Belfield is asking:
      Are You Ok? Seriously… 🤷‍ This Is Important
      Two of his close friends and to his surprise and horror and to their own bewilderment, have suddenly started to experience panic attacks and Alex is asking viewers if they are experiencing such mental health problems too. This can happen when the old mental model we have in our heads of how the world works, is unable to support and mesh with the radically new updated version forced upon it. Rest assured, that one’s brain would not be ‘neurologically’ normal if one didn’t feel some flickering symptoms from being a normally conscientious thinking person — in time such as these. Over intellectualizing, ruminating with floating anxiety (blah blah) is how I think a psychiatrist would sum up the problem and then go on to prescribe some useless drug. Instead, and because the cause is known (lockdown, petty rules, blah blah) — recalibrate oneself.

      So a suggestion. Take another look at the last photo that Voyager 1 took of Planet Earth (it is in the circle).

      Carl Sagan said of this image:
      Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there–on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.
      Without swinging the other way into nihilism, just accept that compared to the cosmos we are a mere spec of insignificance. Let go of the Ego and just be. Switch off the television, unplug it and go for a walk to anywhere where there are trees and nature. Go out on a clear nights and look heavenward. Hold in your thoughts that it is the experience of life NOW that is life, not the thoughts of what might or might not happen tomorrow. Spend some time soaking up and enjoying the wonder of it all.

      The old channels of once trusted information – the MSM being but one– is feeding a narrative of confusing, ever changing non sequiturs and so on. There is not point of trying to make logical sense of the illogical. Things worth ignoring to my mind, includes distracting news paper cuttings about the clergy who maybe thinking about SSRI’s according to ‘anonymous’ sources. Going by the past, this factoid is likely be just another shiny ephemeral spark. Ignore them and search for your own meaningful information when you feel so inclined. Seize back, the responsibility of relying on one’s own common sense and critical reasoning as a filter for the flotsam and jetsam.

      To plan for tomorrow, some sort broad updated mental model is required that matches your reality. This is not like the never changing physical reality but the social reality in your locality.
      Such a model will help inoculate one’s mind against the development of floating anxiety, which then can attache itself to activities that Alex Belfield’s friends have found. He mentions driving but it can also include not being able to go into shops, speaking to people without masks or even be in the house of someone unvaccinated and so on. This video below could be used to help update one’s existing mental model. At 3:39 in it give a simple laymen’s explanation of this induced anxiety phenomena. Being forewarned is being forearmed.
      How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

  4. How can we allow those in position of power to control all lives with complete and utter nonsense?
    It is beyond my comprehension.
    Fear and anxiety is what leads to disequilibrium of the soul.
    Ruling elites propaganda are taming us to be compliant.
    Submissive and obedient objects.
    Slaves to their madness.
    For the TRUTH will set us FREE.
    Building subcultures within society that are free from totalitarianism ways = is the only way out of this madness.
    Thank you for the info Pogo. <3 the educational videos. Finding like minded people is crucial to our survival.
    Breaking down the paradigms of confinement is the only way out of this rat ship.

  5. Scientists are admitting that the lock-downs are a big mistake. This act of omission is dating back to April, 2021.


    How many unwarranted policies have taken many innocent lives?

    The psychological impact of lock-downs, mask wearing, social distancing and mandating of vaccines have not fully prevented the transmission of the covid-19 virus from spreading.

    How have these drastic measures benefited in the halt of the virus from spreading?
    I guess we have to learn to live with it, just like the seasonal flu?
    The most vulnerable always need protection before the Covid-19 evolved. Keeping the vulnerable locked-up, is not the answer. Vitamin D, social interactions, physical activity are what keeps the immune system functioning well. All the drastic measures that have been put in place have done more harm to our health than good.


    The policies have been worse than the disease.

  6. 2 of 2
    🚨 Exposed: The Chinese state-owned CCTV watching you

    Big Brother Watch, Erlend Evans via gmail.mcsv.net
    6:30 PM (38 minutes ago)
    to me
    Dear Friends,
    The largest mass internment of ethnic and religious minorities since World War II is taking place in China – and the same technology used to surveil them is being used on us.

    Today, we published the results of our 6 month investigation. We found that the majority of public sector CCTV networks in the UK use Chinese state-owned surveillance linked to genocide.
    Hikvision and Dahua play a central role in the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Uyghur people, from forced sterilisation in “re-education camps” to violent torture.

    Hikvision is already banned in the U.S.
    With enough public pressure, the UK should ban Hikvision too.
    Tell Boris Johnson to #BanHikvision now!

    Our report ‘Who’s Watching You? – the dominance of Chinese state-owned CCTV in the UK’ is based on thousands of Freedom of Information requests submitted by us, and reveals in detail how taxpayers’ money is being used to buy up and deploy oppressive Chinese state-owned surveillance technology.
    You can read it by clicking on the cover above or clicking here.
    Help us to spread the word by using the hashtag #BanHikvision and sharing our petition.
    For more information on the campaign head to our new campaign page BanHikvision.com

  7. Lies and deceit . Let’s not forget the shocking way Welsh citizens were treated by the Government. so that they could ensure the passes would be introduced. .That is – One AM voter member of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) we are told (really!) was unable to use the tech in time to register his vote distantly. Others have had no problem working via tech.The speaker at the Senedd decided not to wait for it. That non vote meant the pass was passed – by 1 vote.
    🚨 BREAKING: Welsh Covid passes have “unmeasurable” impact
    Big Brother Watch, Erlend Evans via gmail.mcsv.net
    6:21 PM (9 minutes ago)
    to me
    Dear friends,
    After multiple attempts to silence us, we can now reveal to you – FIRST – our shocking correspondence with the Welsh Government over their deeply draconian and discriminatory Covid ID scheme.

    The Welsh Government didn’t want you to read this:
    “The Welsh Ministers accept that the Covid Pass Scheme might make only a small, and probably unmeasurable, contribution to reducing (or slowing the growth in) serious cases of COVID-19, hospitalisations and deaths.”
    This appalling admission to us from the Welsh Government is a huge slap in the face for everyone. From those who have effectively been locked out of certain parts of society due to their unwillingness to produce a Covid ID to those who simply have no means to do so.

    It also brings directly into question Health Minister Eluned Morgan’s statement in October that Senedd members who voted against mandatory Covid passes were committing “an act of gross irresponsibility”.

    However, today we have published the grounds for our ongoing judicial review of the Welsh Covid pass scheme.
    You can read our grounds by clicking here
    Why we oppose Covid Passes:

    There is no evidence that Covid passes will improve public health.

    The effect of Covid passes would be to socially and economically exclude people based on private medical data, and deny them basic freedoms.

    The UK has a proud history of opposition to ID cards. We have never been a ‘papers please’ country. But Covid passes turn us into a two-tier, checkpoint society where we each have to show an app or certificate simply in order to enjoy public life.
    Join the fight!

    The Welsh Government will be reviewing the Covid passport scheme TOMORROW.

    Ahead of this we’re urging them to drop these intrusive measures and if they don’t we will see them in court!

    Thanks to our generous supporters we’ve been able to make a massive impact on Covid passes and disproportionate measures across the UK.
    If you want to join our fight for a free future then become a Big Brother Watch supporter today.
    We need freedom fighters just like you!
    Peace & solidarity
    Erlend Evans
    Digital Communications Manager

  8. Canadian MP Tracy Gray opens petition for Canadian citizens for greater protection regarding PSSD. February 15, 2022

    […] THEREFORE, we, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada call upon the Government of Canada to:

    Ensure that Health Canada work with manufacturers to include persistent genital anesthesia in product information updates;
    Support Canadians experiencing Adverse Side Effects to report symptoms to Canada Vigilance Program;
    Employ all possible regulatory actions and mechanisms to improve detection of existing and future harm via surveillance and monitoring activities to address the issue of under-reporting as identified by the Canada Vigilance Program; and
    Instigate post-market research on the prevalence of PSSD, as well as to further assess for causation.


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