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January 23, 2023 | 3 Comments


  1. Should think that this Demystifying Science episode will open the eyes of anyone in their target audience. The free flow formate of the interview didn’t get stuck in the weeds but sure exposed a wide landscape of issues which need to be more widely known by the new generation.

    When Anastasia admitted to having a bit of a conspiratorial bent it struck me that both came over as being willing to be iconoclasts pro ne nata. And boy, doesn’t the 21st Centenary need a few more like them to resurrect true science. [trivia: Anastasia is also classical Greek for ‘resurrection’]

    The overriding message I hope viewers get from this interview is that every one of us need to grasp every opportunity, to take back control over our lives and take on again, those responsibilities were we are in a better position to weigh and measure the risks and benefits according to our situation and circumstances.

  2. It is all good to have heroes speak up about issues relating to vaccines and medicines however, I find that the majority of people have been so ‘brainwashed’, that sadly they can’t see the forest for the trees.
    We need heroes to expose the TRUTH!
    I feel like I am walking amongst zombies and self-obsessed technological junkies.
    Medicines and vaccines are altering people’s brains and DNA and if you don’t agree with the majority of peoples points of views there is something fundamentally wrong with you.
    It is very SAD how the simple things in life are being devalued by BIG PHARMA. It is a tragedy when people collude with them.
    Fake news, fake people, fake food ~ What next?????
    The innocence of basic things in life is being eroded by TECHNOLOGY and BIG PHARMA.

  3. Some good news!

    I checked the new British National Formulary (edition 84), which is a book doctors use in the UK to prescribe drugs.

    In the section on SSRI’s, and also in the section on SNRI’s, there is now a mention “symptoms of sexual dysfunction may persist after treatment has stopped”.

    Now they will find it harder to disbelieve and gaslight us, because those suffering from PSSD can now ask their doctor to look in the BNF, and they can point out that sexual symptoms can persist after coming off SSRI/SNRI.

    I have told the guys on the PSSD network, and the moderator says he will be adding this information, as well as the page numbers in the BNF, to the Wikipedia article on PSSD, for all to see.

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