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January 23, 2023 | 1 Comment


  1. Should think that this Demystifying Science episode will open the eyes of anyone in their target audience. The free flow formate of the interview didn’t get stuck in the weeds but sure exposed a wide landscape of issues which need to be more widely known by the new generation.

    When Anastasia admitted to having a bit of a conspiratorial bent it struck me that both came over as being willing to be iconoclasts pro ne nata. And boy, doesn’t the 21st Centenary need a few more like them to resurrect true science. [trivia: Anastasia is also classical Greek for ‘resurrection’]

    The overriding message I hope viewers get from this interview is that every one of us need to grasp every opportunity, to take back control over our lives and take on again, those responsibilities were we are in a better position to weigh and measure the risks and benefits according to our situation and circumstances.

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