Sudoscan Saga & Propecia/Finasteride Survey

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August 19, 2019 | 7 Comments


  1. It’s great to hear about matters that are developing out of our sight – surely the only way we can persuade more donations to the Prize Fund is by being able to add extra bits of information as we move forwards to invite others to donate. Great stuff!
    Such a pity that Impeto Medicals seem to have been shy of supporting – let’s hope that they have a change of heart on the matter, if they are as genuine as they first sounded.
    Lowri Turner ( know who she is I’m sure) when discussing MMR this morning came out with “We must not just trust everything that pharmaceutical companies tell us, we need to think things through for ourselves as parents”. I wonder if she’s aware of the struggles and concerns expressed here? Shall do my best to find a contact for her and see if she has any views on these matters!

  2. On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 5:10 PM hanna.ayoub wrote:
    There is a machine available at Sheffield hospital
    Le 2019-08-20 21:45, Susanne Stevens a écrit :

    Hanna Thank you.

    What I am looking for is the genital adapter. I have been told Sudoscan is available in Sheffield UK but not for genital testing. Can you help at all, I cannot find any information on the website specific to genital testing..


    can you go there?
    Le 2019-08-20 21:45, Susanne Stevens a écrit :

    Hanna Thank you.

    from Hanna
    who will be tested?

    In reply to my query there was no hesitation from Hanna until in response to her wanting to know who would be tested I said a young man with sexual problems who is too shy to make initial enquiries but wants the test – and he could if neccessary get a doctor’s referral. Then she sent me what I already knew and she already knew I knew – the roundabouts fudge stating sudoscan is available for testing hands and feet.
    After that there was no further communication even after I had sent :-

    So what goes on at Impeto Medical when all communication concerning the adapter is blocked or sidelined with useless kindly comments? Sorry if above is a bit convoluted but it’s nothing compared with talking to Hanna J.

  3. I really hope that a solution can be found to get around this soon. I cant understand why they wont send the genital adapter so people with PSSD can try to get some insight into what might be causing the condition, which could lead onto some possible solutions.

    Both me and my mother have sent an email letter to the Jean guy at Impeto, explaining the devastating effect this PSSD has had on my life, and almost pleading with him to reconsider. We have received no reply.

    I am still suffering everyday. Numb genitals, pleasure less orgasms, zero libido, needling nerve pains in my genitals on and off, emotional numbness, and battling thoughts of suicide because of all this.

    I swear some days i feel i am going to be an old man with his life almost over before i get out of this nightmare.

  4. I’ve sent them the email as well as asked on the webpage about the adaptor 10 days ago. No answer as of today.

  5. Would it be too difficult to make one? There’s loads of amateurs making home made lie detectors which work very like the sudoscan . (On Videos) Am not recommending lone testing of any device without someone who is medico-tech savvy though.
    I find it strange that Sudoscan has not published any photos of the genital scan – it could be done discreetly – would they have needed to get some kind of ethical approval to test the genital test separately to the hands and feet? Where would thAT be recorded? it’s got regulatory approval across the globe now so worst guess could be that they are not willing to fund sexual treatments or research?
    https://www.impeto-Impeto Medical complies with State and Federal regulations regarding the manufacture and sale of EZSCAN and SUDOSCAN.

    Updated: January

  6. I also hope this nightmare ends. They should at least show the time of day and explain furthermore about the machine so we can replicate it. I have done countless research and pinpointed a substance called ibogaine. It is used mainly for addiction to repair damaged chemical receptors and I found a few patients that have cured their condition using this substance in a specific dose. It would be great if we can test this theory as it’s entirely down to testing and finding out.

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