Withdrawal Mysteries. Jon and Justin’s Journeys

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May 15, 2023 | 8 Comments


  1. I feel much better this morning with a BP 128/78 and HR 114bpm, however I have a periodically occurring pain just below my left ribcage and my xiphoid process is protruding which is rather unusual. My neck isn’t as painful as it has been recently so I hypothesise that neck pain may be helped by taking asprin. I’m not actually taking pure asprin I could only find anadin extra in the Coop and that has asprin, paracetamol and caffine in it. I think caffine can trigger erythromelalgia, my boxes of pure asprin should arrive this afternoon. I’m in a stable condition unlike my pony which is tethered to Latton Common, I still like to place my neck on my high density nobbly foam roller which is a light green color, I also have a set of balls of a similar construction only they are black and have green spots on them.

  2. Absolutely transfixed by Justin’s ‘self-analytical reporting’ of his ‘journey’

    Justin’s Diary plays out in the Comments Section


    Justin Oxley says:

    April 18, 2023 at 9:15 pm
    I think there is a tendency to overcomplicated matters in alot of material that is spoken about trying to come off these drugs. I don’t like to bother listening to alot of hot air and pseudo scientific nonsense. I don’t know who the expert is for tapering off any of these drugs.
    Are there any real experts at all, I tend to think of expert knowledge as precise and accurate knowledge. This whole subject really isn’t my cup of tea..

    Justin Oxley says:

    May 15, 2023 at 3:16 pm
    The flash bulb going off in my head effect when I’m walking around has stopped now that it is the afternoon, it really was very unpleasant a flash would happen and I’d then be stumbling around in a daze and nearly fall over.

    If you get as far as Justin, the last mls can be immensely challenging.

    “These points are really fascinating and point to a possible peripheral neuropathy in some withdrawal cases along with that gets referred to as dysautonomia.

    If there is a peripheral neuropathy element in some cases it is not clear that tapering will help.  Justin finds putting the dose back up slightly can help but this is quite like the use of these medicines for pain management – they can help ease pain but by damaging nerve endings further so that they don’t transmit pain.

    What is really needed are treatments that are going to regenerate nerve endings rather than alleviate problems by further damaging them.”

    The long, long road of using Fluoxetine liquid

    If you live on your own, as Justin does, he is just about managing, albeit having ‘mushroom’ moments

    I like his take, and his attitude, and perspectives

    ‘Precise and Accurate Knowledge’, that was a smiley one, Justin

    “His observations seem to me to be very accurate and hard to dispute.”

    “that do not map easily onto a tapering template – hence the Mysteries of Withdrawal title.”

    Jon, on the other hand, came through the other end. Bruised and battered, yes, but off the Paxil. Quite a triumph, from 25 years and from 60 mg…

  3. Based on my experience of tapering and having peeiodic flare ups, I think is is highly probable that as I taper lower the flare ups may get even worse and last even longer. I therefore think I may not be able to ever taper off the last 0.8mg of Fluoxetine, it may become unfeasible to continue with tapering at some point. I am just waiting at 0.8mg to see if my current symptoms improve.

    If the symptoms do improve, I will use my backup 150ml 5 week point bottle for a while and see how that goes. If it’s not too bad after some time I will return to my 9 week point tapering bottle and wait again. It could take forever before I can even begin to taper again.

    Further tapering may make the peripheral neuropathy worse and I don’t need that. The asprin is working very well for me I was walking around feeling like I was under one of those patio heaters all the time before today. I’m still not about to run a marathon any time soon, I cannot walk or talk properly anymore. I’ve had more fun at the dentist.

  4. Thus is a bit like my pony only my one is brown and white and has a strawberry blonde mane and tail. I spent a considerable amount of time feeding her apples and trying to teach her to talk just before Christmas.

    For Christmas I bought her a salt lick and some socks to keep her feet warm as it was very snowy here at that time. I’m going to sleep now as I’ve had a busy day and I’m exhausted.


  5. I’ve worked on quite a few computer related projects in the past. There was nothing very new about producing speech synthesis, going from a vocal tract shape to produce vowel sounds was nothing new in 1994, what I found interesting about the project I did was the idea that you might be able to work backwards and produce a vocal tract shape from sampled speech. There is no mathematical way to do this.

    The basic idea is you sample speech and then perform an fit on that speech, extract the formats and use the first two formats to reference a look up table or articulatory codebook. You basically have 9 parameters which are referenced using the first two formats in the speech. Those 9 parameters were fed into a set of mathematical functions which produced a close approximation to the vocal tract shape that is displayed on a computer screen.

    The idea was to come up with a speech training aid for deaf people who are unable to learn to speak easily as they cannot hear anything. Having a visual representation of a target vocal tract shape required to generate a particular vowel sound on a screen along with the shape they were making provided a visual feedback system so someone who couldn’t hear could adjust there tongue positioning to match the target shape on the screen thereby allowing a method for them to learn to talk. It gets a bit more complicated when you start having to think about teaching voiced sounds which aren’t vowels or dipthongs.

  6. Ouch, I think the effect of the asprin wore off and caused me to awaken too soon at around 4am with the burning again particularly on my hands. It’s not as severe as the ‘ring of fire’ event that occurred last week during which I was venting gaseous emissions into space like a leaky gas pipe, that one really knocked me for six. The bowel sounds I produced were above loud, which isn’t very nice in an enclosed environment.

    I could do with having someone feed me some asprin at around midnight whilst I am asleep to prevent this early waking happening again. I did think about designing a portable arduino driven infusion pump based device which could feed different liquids into my throat at appropriate times automatically through silicon tubing.

  7. Erythromelalgia isn’t the easiest word to pronounce if you are have perfect health. I have had real difficulty explaining to others that I have ‘erythromelalgia’ whilst doing jazz hands with my red blotchy palms and stumbling about.

    I’m seeing alot of after images and floaty colourful sparkles, the tinnitus is very quiet. I drank some warm milk with a tablespoon of blossom honey and a teaspoon of l-theanine powder stirred into it. I didn’t fancy eating breakfast.

  8. It’s clear that for some people just tiny amounts of drug withdrawal can be an utter on going nightmare. And there is no where to go other than your own research, trial and error. And that’s if you’re able to do it.

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