Lessons from SSRIStories #4: How is SSRI-Related Violence Different?

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November 10, 2015 | 4 Comments


  1. This is so accurate and spot on that it hurts. Only someone who has experienced this can truly understand. I think that is the problem. The courts and the people in the court system have not had the experience or they did not recognize what was happening if they did.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Rory.
    These re-occurring themes/patterns of re-emerging violence, suicide and homicide need to be looked at closely.
    The common link is there.
    If anyone ingests alcohol or recreational drugs and commits a crime, they are sentenced to prison for their crime.
    The same applies for these medicines.
    If the drug companies know that these drugs are inducing people to commit abhorrent acts, these drugs should immediately be eliminated.
    They are unsafe and pose a major risk to innocent people, including the ones who ingest this poison.
    It is becoming an epidemic crisis and no one seems to be ‘batting an eyelid’.
    These useless, senseless acts of violence and crime, should not be part of our society.
    The legal and medical professions know what is going on however, they refuse to look at these problems from a drug ‘perspective’ and deny that it is occurring because it is been part of the system for a long time.
    If we want a safer society, we have to find positive alternatives.

  3. Antidepressant awareness programmes, highlighting the RISKS , should be a mandatory part of any health professionals regime.
    The fact that many are unable to make the connection, is unfortunately due to the ‘powers’ that will not allow this kind of information to come forward, via media.
    The system is ‘dysfunctional’ however, experiences like ours are an invaluable tool towards implementing educational awareness.
    It begins with ‘us’ ~ the ones who have been impacted.

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