The Sexual Heatmap

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January 29, 2013 | 17 Comments


  1. I read this far too early in the day, the shoddy pseudoscience, logical fallacies, complete and utter lack of evidence and conspiracy paranoia is going to hinder my morning work, since I think my brain is about to fall out.

    • This fits in with early comment in the twittersphere. Hard to know what Eshto read. Its indisputable that AD’s have profound effects on sex – reduced ova and sperm, loss of libido, altered orgasm and erections. Its also indisputable that we know little of what might be happening in this domain. Why not? Pharma companies have known about this for forty years or more. Its not a matter of logic. Its a matter of data – the question is who might be scared to look

      In Bruno Schulz’s work, God created the world and on the sixth day reached down to feel his creation – but retired baffled by what he felt. This is an area where collectively we cannot afford to retire baffled.

  2. This post reminds me of a French man who became a gay sex addict on a Parkinsons drug, he took the Drug Company to court and won his case. I feel very sorry for him and his family they must have gone through a horrific time. Heres the story:
    ‘My life was hell’: Loving husband who said Parkinson’s drug made him a ‘gay sex addict’ awarded £160,000 by French court

    Before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Didier Jambart of western France, had been a well respected man, and a loving father and husband.

    Full Story:

    31 January 2013

  3. Fascinating post the most frightening aspect being putting teens on these drugs. I fear that drugs are being given for old fashioned teen angst, hormone driven, with unpredictable results. Parents and doctors have been convinced that ssris are safe and effective. Here in the states it is my understanding drug companies do not have to publish negative research results for physician edification. Even if reported to the FDA, half of the FDAs budget comes from drug companies. Terrible conflict of interest. Conspiracy Eshto? So suicides and homicides are not happening? Nor the panoply of side effects? We never ever hear whether school shooters were taking an anti depressant. Why is that? Autopsies look at organic brain structure which is invariably normal and that is dutifully reported by journalists. Mothers and fathers are blamed but never the drugs shooters may have been taking. Journalists haven’t thought to ask??

  4. My sexuality changes on SSRI. I put on ladies heals and pretend I’m Monroe when on paxil. On a benzo I’m Burt Reynolds posing for his playboy spread in front of my window. The joy of pharmacology:-)

  5. “Mind altering drugs” always alter the mind and very often the behavior. People who use drugs for recreational purposes make very strange and capricious bedfellows.

    Many years ago (when I had a little experience with recreational drug use) I remember dating a man who seemed to me a very heterosexual guy. Thing was, he had a terrible cocaine habit, the depth of which I had little comprehension at the time. Anyway, I was a very pretty heterosexual young lady and we were out on a date one night. While walking down the street, a very glammed up transvestite walked by. “Isn’t she beautiful?” he proclaimed. I said “That is a man”. “Yes but she’s beautiful. Let’s go over and talk to her!” he said. I said we were going home and as the weeks wore on our relationship deteriorated because of his terrible habit. God only knows what else he did in the intervening years. Eventually he kicked his habit, left town and now lives elsewhere with a wonderful woman. He was really a very normal guy in many respects, but another animal altogether when using cocaine.

    I am and always have been a heterosexual woman who has seen first hand the effects of these powerful drugs on sexual choices and behavior. I steer clear of people who toy with these substances as they make very unpredictable partners. SSRI, dopamine – whatever. To be used under smart medical supervision for seriously necessary cases only. They are powerful mind altering substances.

  6. Same here. Ive read many comments of people feeling depressed and turning gay. Some of them develloped HOCD and even gender identity crisis, but when they took ssri they were cured after a month and felt they got their real identity back. It happened to me as well, but after 3 weeks of ssri it was gone. I then quit ssri, it came back. Now im working on raise naturally my serotonine level, to clear the brain fog and the hocd/depression.

  7. While we’re looking at sexuality, it would also be worth looking in to SSRI use and the development of paraphilias.
    While SSRI’s have been used to treat paraphilias in some individuals (no doubt by killing the libido), it would be interesting if paraphilias (or other abnormal sexual mindsets) could develop as the result of prolonged SSRI use. If so, could SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction and general indifference / apathy play a role?

    • Yes, Greg. I would also be interested. Anything in particular that made you say that? Have you found anything on the web that points in this direction?

      • Hi Mike,
        Increasingly, a link is being established between the monoamines and “paraphilias”. I have briefly looked at some of Martin Kafka’s work on this, and there seems to be evidence linking the two on a number of lines, including co-morbidity with things like OCD, autism-spectrum disorders, anxiety and similar neurological issues. There are also reports of medications such as dopamine agonists (used to treat Parkinson’s) can trigger paraphilic thoughts/urges in some people. Withdrawal from the drug sees the thoughts/urges disappear again. Given that SSRI’s have had some success in the treatment of paraphilias, it also stands to reason there is a link. However, there is a growing body of evidence and reports on the internet (and in literature) illustrating a great variance in the side effect profiles and behavioural changes attributable to SSRI use. Many report libido problems. Some people online report “sexuality” changes. Some report changes in their sexual fantasy tastes. If the monoamines do control or influence sexual “tastes” (not necessarily orientation, but it’s possible), it stands to reason that, given that people respond differently to the drugs, there will be a subset of SSRI users that have their sexual tastes altered because of interference with their serotonin, dopamine, norephinephrine (etc) levels. When you look at what behaviours and functions 5HT (serotonin) receptors govern alone, you can see how such a wide variety of behaviors can be manipulated by one pill. It has also been noted that SSRI’s such as paroxetine “hijack” dopamine receptors. Who knows what implications could arise from this in some people – particularly over a long term?

        • SSRI’s may result in frontal lobe syndrome or disturbances in some people. Paraphilias have also apparently been linked to frontal lobe syndromes, so it’s plausible to assume the use of these meds could lead to the development of paraphilias in susceptible individuals, while suppressing them in others. I guess everybody reacts to the meds differently.

    • An interesting study from 2016 found that:

      “Paroxetine treatment, although seemingly initially effective in reducing pornography use and anxiety, appeared related to new compulsive sexual behaviors after 3 months.”

      The article by Gola and Potenza can be found at

      While the cases mentioned aren’t about paraphilias per se, they demonstrate that risky, disinhibited (possibly deviant?) sexual behaviors can possibly be triggered on paroxetine after an initial dip in sexual drive.

  8. My now 15 year old son’s mild ocd became severe last year. Initially, he did not respond to 25 nor 50 mgs of zoloft. After having read that the antibiotic minocycline showed vast improvements in ocd symptoms in clinical trials, I had a willing and caring psychiatrist prescribe it to him. He put my son on 100 mgs 1x daily, as well as increased his zoloft to 200 mgs daily. What the medicine did for his severe, debilitating ocd symptoms was nothing short of amazing. He has now been on both medicines for coming close to a year now. Everything was great, at first, but in the last few months, however, their has been a change in sexual preference. He now thinks he’s bisexual. Prior to the medicine, he had always had crushes on nothing but girls. Albeit he was and is young, 15 now, he did everything he could did get a girl to like him, “dating” one girl after another…yes, puppy love….but nevertheless girls. With this sudden change, I started to research the effects of ssri’s and the effects of long term antibiotic use on sexual preference. Hence, coming across this article. Regardless of preference, I love my son no matter what….but without any indicators growing up…i can’t help but to wonder the possible drug-brain connection to this sudden switch. My son is open to test if either medicine has caused this. I plan on speaking to his psychiatrist to see if we can begin lowering his zoloft to see if there is a change. Tell me your thoughts.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Sorry to hear your son is finding things tough sexuality-wise at 15. Of course, he is at the age where young people question their sexuality and experiment to begin with. However, there is also a chance that these changes reflect a type of sexual disinhibition that is sometimes seen on these medications. If the latter is the case, I don’t believe it’s bisexuality at all. Changes to serotonin levels have been implicated in changing sexual behavior, not so much changing sexual preference, but perhaps “removing” it somewhat (probably temporarily), hence apparent bisexuality. Of course, this is relying on experiments with mice and anecdotal reports from others. This isn’t to say stop taking the meds – they can and do work wonders for many people (including your son), but they can and do have strange effects many will not yet acknowledge.

  9. My daughter started an antidepressant at 24 always a very girly girl. Also a above average student. Graduated college in 3 1/2 years as a honor student. Boyfriend of 4 years after her getting out of college broke up with her. Also has 4 grandparents died within 4 years. She was prescribed a antidepressant and after about 3 months she said she thought she was bisexual. It’s the drugs!!! My daughter is not bisexual. She had moved out of our home with a 21 year old girl. Her personality has totally changed. She is not my daughter

    • Pam. My 18 yr old daughter was put on zoloft while having a bf of 2 years. After 2 months on the medication she broke up with him and has a gf. Never ever had gay tendencies until now. Now says wont go off the meds because they help her concentrate. How do we get them back? Off the meds and how they were. Our daughter now hates us and never did prior.

    • Kimberly, my daughter has since almost fell apart. She got to the point that she checked herself into a rehab for alcohol abuse. The alcohol and antidepressants don’t mix together. She got at her lowest and said she seen a light to reach out for help. The light she seen was God helping her. She reached out and ask for help from her employer for a rehab facility to go to within a few hours she was going to a faculty. She asked us for help to for money to be able to get in. Of course we did not hesitate. She was there for a little over a month. Now she claims she is a surviving alcoholic. Does the Aa meetings. She told me the therapist at the rehab the facility told her that I was part of her problem. Now living with us til she can get back on her feet. Have helped her get her house in order to sell. Was only with the girl less than 6 months and bought a house with her she meet the girl online. House has sold and now living with us. She has been blessed that she didn’t lose her job and her life. I blame all this on the antidepressants causing impulsive decision. She also just made a post about her alcoholic problems and that after 24 years she has come out saying she is gay. She is not gay! First she had claimed she “thinks” she is BI. She is neither. After telling all in her post she never once mentioned 3 1/2 years of her life of being in love with a young man she was going to marry. She was in love with him. She worked 3 1/2 years to graduate college to marry him. A promise from him to her once she graduated. She graduated honors in 3 years to make him proud of her. It wasn’t for us it was for him. The he wouldn’t marry her. Thats when she started the antidepressants after he wouldn’t marry her. I want my daughter back and someone to help her see the antidepressants are her problem. I have talked to many health authorities about her problem and they agree it will in-fact the antidepressants cause these issue and make patients think and do things out of their control. She needs help and someone other than her mother to tell her this. She tells me she is 25 years old and she can do what she wants. That I am crazy thinking the pills cause her to think this way. I want my daughter back!

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