What Happened to Britney Spears can Happen to You

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August 2, 2021 | 6 Comments


  1. This article by Alaska attorney Jim Gottstein is among the most eloquent denunciations of America’s failure to live up to its promise of liberty that I have ever read.

    • What happened to Britney Spears is becoming all to common in today’s world Earth globe americans I was a victim to medical kidnapping myself not even nearly the amount of time but nevertheless some disturbing similarities to Britney’s nightmare. When I was kidnapped the first doctor named Tucker stated he was going to release me at once and I be free the next day unfortunately he was removed and another doctor who was in with the police authorities and the pharmacy drug industry and hospital medical kidnapping funding program was my new doctor name is Thomas J Grayden who tortured me and wrote false and untrue reports about me. I was framed and had lies put out there by media television and newspapers that had me locked up and tortured and lies are still all over about me. Here’s s a short summary: I was on top of the world and this story really happened to me hope by putting this awful true nightmare event out there it might make more aware of these disgusting horrible actions happening to others and what happened to myself. Here’s what happen to me in Huntington Beach California USA : I ran a very well known event service used on television and films in California mostly Los Angeles and Orange County for film prop and live events and I owned a global historical collectibles and rental business. I was ripped off and taken advantage of by a conman using a fake name from another country in with Laguna Beach PD and living in California. This crook conman with the local Laguna Beach Police Lt Jim Cota and Department working with this awful hospital & a man named Dr Thomas J Grayden committed the most awful illegal crimes against me. This group of criminal persons is very dangerous & dishonest organizational group. After being ripped off and I called the Orange County Sheriff authorities who refused to take a police report of the crime committed on me and would not help me at all and stated for me to handle this matter myself. So me a disabled man who was the victim did my best to flush this crook out by way of phone from his unknown to myself hiding spot so I could get paid funds due. I never new his real name or where he lived and never touched the man nor knew what nw looked like. Days later after I’d forgotten I’d called the authorities the authorities showed up Nov. 27th 2018 and forced me against my will into mental hospital I was forced to sign documents I couldn’t read because I had no reading glasses. I wrote this on the documents I forced to sign by threat of bodily harm. These documents were later altered by hospital staff without my consent. I was totally tortured, woke up every 15 minutes at night. Gaslighting tactics were used daily on me. Staff wrote reports filled with total lies. Video surveillance was in room on me when I was there. I was physically & mentally tortured. Announcements on loudspeakers Public address loudspeaker stating code blue when staff at times overdosed victims and the we’re dying, while being chased around by psychiatric medical staff that had syringes filled with HALDOL mixed with psych med cocktails called “booty juice”and dangerous pills forced on victims that were called zombie pils this is what I was going through while my house I lived in at the time was burglarized by Laguna Beach Police raiding my home. These Police officers who aggressively used their position of power to gain personal profit and acquire property of mine against my will for there personal gain and kept everything for themselves. It’s common knowledge that this department has the reputation of being (meat eaters) in the Orange County CA. area and have gotten away with this illegal behavior for many years. They use the legal term “civil forfeiture” These same evil dishonest Laguna Beach and Orange County authorities also spread false and very disgusting untrue lies about me all over the place to harm me from the television media to local people and social media, newspapers. They planted and altered evidence in my house to make a case against me. When they kidnapped me and through me into the asylum I was physically hit by crazy persons, in the asylum and made to take showers in places that were used as a toilet Toilet and with no heated water. Dr Thomas J Grayden & hospital staff lied to my family & others about me. This was what happened for 17 miserable scary torturous days of my life until I requested a writ and a outside of hospital Orange County Court Judge let me free & saved my life. My medical insurance was fraudulently cheated in my opinion out of $72,000. A movie Movie camera called the “Unsane” talks about this private media insurance scam doctors & hospitals in the United States today use. This is a horrible awful total scam to patients that are insured. If you do not have insurance they let you right out the door very quickly. But if you have private insurance your stuck in a dangerous hellhole till the Insurance runs out or you die or you write a writ and outside court judge let’s you out & if the doctor is unable to fool your family to turn them against you in your court hearing. I came home and found many of my animals were dead or gone from this raid that was from a bogus restraining order on me and my home. Damages were many of my priceless collectibles were broken and or stolen by these crooks well over a million dollars in damages these evil wicked crooks call themselves police who ruined my life by putting me into a torture chamber asylum and doctors there indirectly tried to kill me by overdosing me with unsafe levels of drugs raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels. This dangerous unsafe torture mental hospital forced me into drugged me against my will. It’s hard for most to believe but I was burglarized by Laguna Beach Police with backing from HBPD they stole my priceless collections of valuables I’d collected from around the world they broke and vandalized my property and inside my home. I lost my house in California and had to move out of State and lost my business and over 80 of my animals I used in television and film and events who were my life, that were dead or gone when I was released from the asylum due to this totally bogus restraining order that failed in court. The restraining order that failed to hold up in court of law because it was only used to get out of paying funds owed to me. These awful dishonest people forced me to lose my home, my car and life savings and now all gone from these Laguna Beach OC CA crooks. Once you’re in one of these places you’ve lost all your rights and no one will believe you as a patient or even a ex-patient. This is one of the evils tactics Laguna Beach California law enforcement and other OC authorities are using to take advantage and rip-off of disabled & the elderly in California. They are throwing people like myself into asylum mental hospital centers like this so they are able to get a way with what ever law they have chosen to break. Laguna Beach police and many other law enforcement officers are stealing valuables, spreading untrue false rumors to harm victims reputation and be immune from themselves being prosecuted and ruin innocent peoples lives by giving them undeserved criminal convictions on records of victims. This gives them a license to steal and torture victims and better protects themselves from getting caught. Police in Laguna Beach and many other cities are now targeting disabled/elderly and capturing these innocent victims using and abusing there color of authority. I registered everything I owned legally and police still stole it. My traveling around the world and very successful life in television and movies made me a target by these corrupt police and officials who were and are vary jealous that ended up keeping what ever they wanted from me after the ridiculous cases mostly fell apart. I know live under threat of death or life in prison if I ever return to California under the current local and state government. I had to accept a deal with no prison or jail if I signed over my assets they bluntly ripped off of a bogus restraining order that didn’t hold up in court and was dropped out of court. The Good and bad news is I now live in another state in a nicer place where it is more difficult for those corrupt Laguna Beach police criminals in California have a harder time harming me, but they did unbelievable physical and psychological damages to me and my good reputation and clean record and scared and are still scaring many of my family and friends.

  2. The last line of your post sticks in my mind. Tom Burns a psych in UK was influential in persuading politicians to approve compulsory ‘treatment’ in the community, It amounted mainly to involuntary brutally forced injections and removals from homes.. He organised a tokenistic consultation and meeting at Springfields hospital in London to convince ‘users’ of the advantages. Black men were rightfully the most fearful of the dehumanising consequences of coercion but were silenced by fear of speaking openly Aftrwards a group got together and set up safe houses to hide away and be mutually cared for. Years later T B confessed he had made an error. Too late for so many.

    I would like to ask Jim G and Wayne R Is there any kind of organised group of lawyers anywhere of the calibre we need to tackle psychiatric abuse? Wayne What you published is also very impressive Are you still practicing law pro bono? I remember a programme whereby student lawyers volunteered to assist prisoners on death row. Anything like that happening in psychiatry?
    The Case Against Psychiatry
    Why Psychiatry is Evil and Must Be Abolished
    Wayne Ramsay, J.D.

    The Case Against Psychiatry began as notes I wrote after attending the annual Mood Disorders Symposium at Johns Hopkins University in 1988. During the following days, months, and years I repeatedly re-read those notes, added ideas as they occurred to me, and read many books and articles about psychiatry. In the process I attended the Mood Disorders Symposiums at Johns Hopkins in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994, as well as other programs. Over time my notes became a large unpublished manuscript. In the 1990s I published excerpts from that manuscript as pamphlets using the pseudonym or pen name Lawrence Stevens. This book is updated and expanded versions of those pamphlets and four additional essays: The Myth of Psychiatric Diagnosis, Why the Myth of Mental Illness Lives On, Why Psychiatry is Evil, and The Future of Anti-Psychiatry Activism.
    In these essays I have assembled the most credible witnesses against psychiatry I could find. I am therefore as much an editor as an author. In every case where I can remember the source of facts or an idea I have given the writer or speaker credit. This approach enabled me to write a more convincing and compelling case against psychiatry than would have been possible by simply stating my personal opinions.
    In recommended reading or videos at the end of some essays I have listed books, articles, and videos, all of which I have read or watched in their entirety, on the subject of the essay, and web sites I recommend, for readers who wish to learn more.___________________________________________________
    “[M]odern psychiatry has no rational or scientific basis.” – Dr. Niall (“Jock”) McLaren, an Australian psychiatrist, in his YouTube.com video, “DSM-5: Critical Review – Part 1” 2011) at 0:22
    “I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” -Thomas Jefferson, September 23, 1800

    Does Mental Illness Exist?
    Schizophrenia: A Nonexistent Disease
    The Myth of Biological Depression
    The Myth of Psychiatric Diagnosis
    Why the Myth of Mental Illness Lives On
    Psychiatric Drugs: Cure or Quackery? (HTML)
    Psychiatric Drugs: Cure or Quackery? (PDF booklet)
    Psychiatry’s Electroconvulsive Shock Treatment:
    A Crime Against Humanity
    The Brain Butchery Called Psychosurgery
    The Case Against Psychotherapy
    Unjustified Psychiatric Commitment in the U.S.A.
    Is Involuntary Commitment for “Mental Illness” or “Dangerousness” a Violation of Substantive Due Process?
    Why Psychiatry Should Be Abolished as a Medical Specialty(HTML)
    Why Psychiatry Should Be Abolished as a Medical Specialty(PDF)
    Suicide: A Civil Right
    Psychiatric Stigma Follows You Wherever You Go
    for the Rest of Your Life
    Why Psychiatry is Evil
    The Future of Anti-Psychiatry Activism
    copyright 2020
    Permission to reproduce is granted
    provided the reproduction is accurate
    and proper credit is given
    The author is a volunteer (pro bono) attorney for the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (psychrights.org) and may be reached at wayneramsay (at) mail (dot) com

  3. Law Project for Psychiatric Rights: PsychRights
    Follow jimgottstein on Twitter
    About the Law Project For Psychiatric Rights

    The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights) was incorporated as an Alaska non-profit on November 6, 2002, to undertake a coordinated, strategic, legal effort seeking to end the abuses against people diagnosed with mental illness through individual legal representation. These abuses are describe in Psychiatry: Force of Law. PsychRights is especially focused on unwarranted court ordered psychiatric drugging requiring people diagnosed with mental illness to submit or be forcibly subjected to brain damaging psychiatric drugs (& electroshock). The strategic campaign is described in some detail in How the Legal System Can Help Create a Recovery Culture in Mental Health Systems, which also discusses the necessity of educating the public about the truth and creating alternatives to the all drug, all the time mental illness system. Due to the massive psychiatric drugging of children and youth, especially poor, disadvantaged children, PsychRights has made it a priority.

    Board of Directors and Officers:

    Jim Gottstein President & CEO
    Don Roberts Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
    Dorothy Dundas Board Member

  4. This is the problem with the system.
    Once a professional(s) makes a false accusation about you or places an incorrect label on you, it has dark ramifications for that individual for the rest of their life.
    You are stuck with a label that is not really you!
    They have a permanent tattoo on their forehead that can never be erased. You can try to alter that tattoo however, you can never get rid of it!
    Like Ms Spears, anyone can have their basic human rights stripped away from them with a ‘flick of a pen’ or a nasty vendetta.
    If someone wants to ruin your life, they will do anything to blemish/defame your good name.
    Someone who has it in for you can have people set you up and ruin your life with defamatory and vexatious labels.
    I cannot comprehend how those who do this to many decent/honest people live with themselves?
    If the tables were reversed, would they have the mental strength or moral courage to endure the psychological harm and torment that is inflicted upon these innocent victims? ~ Believe me: It is worse than torture!
    Who has the right to take away anyone’s basic human rights?
    Many who have been stripped of their basic civil human rights have enough insight and foresight, to see beyond the ‘smoke and mirrors’.
    Those who believe are above others feel threatened that the outspoken ones might actually carry weight with what they hear/see and feel.
    Exposing the tyrants for who they are may actually aggravate those who try to expose the TRUTH!
    Every good you try to do = more harm!

  5. As evidenced in Britneys case, Self righteousness shrouded by self denial is the real mental dysfunction here. Her family used self righteous excuses shrouded by their own self denial to harm her further. Britney Spears family continue to be in serious self denial about their own culpability in harming her further both emotionally and financialy and physically by misuse of damaging medications. No doubt Britney initially had some emotional issues which she may have out grew if given space but thanks to her ‘caring’ ‘loving’ family she now has a lot more. The catastrophic trauma and financial exploitation they caused her will be hers alone to bear the rest of her life. Not uncommon for dysfunctional families to continue to avoid their accountability while they focus solely on their victims flaws that they created for her.

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